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Al Sharpton Makes Some Serious Charges Against Jeff Sessions. Here Are the Facts.


The Rev. Al Sharpton is organizing a resistance movement comprised of black civil rights leaders to protest the presidency of Donald Trump.

He showed up Tuesday at Sen. Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearing for attorney general. In an interview with The Daily Signal, Sharpton rehashed allegations of racism against the Alabama senator, claiming they were “found to be substantial.”

Here’s what Sharpton had to say—and The Daily Signal’s examination of the facts.

Commentary by Kelsey Harkness, the Daily Signal

  • MarcJ

    Who cares what that congenital liar and tax cheat says?

    • tnetcenter

      No one that matters!

  • tnetcenter

    Sharptongue has the credibility of CNN and MSNBC – NONE!!!!


  • Ken Sanford

    He is an idiot, and he has not checked the facts. As usual, he doesn’t know what he is talking about.

    He should simply keep his mouth shut.

  • wildeagleone

    This idiot is do repugnant it makes me want to wish he would just shut the fug up and fade away like a nasty fog.

    • ARJAY

      Of course AFTER he pays ALL of his BACK INCOME TAXES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • stick

    I am sick and tired of these blacks with their BS. We have done too much already through the years and they keep asking for more and more. When are they ever going to be satisfied? After they run/own everything? They already have taken over most of the sports. Whites in sports are a minority except in a couple of areas. Golf and racing. Take for example SF QB Kasperprick kneeling because balcks don’t have anything. Blacks are hell of a lot better off then they were 50 years ago. Let all of those kneeling blacks donate their salaries to their brethren if they are so concerned. They fricking whine and bellyache continuously. If they don’t like it here then move somewhere else like the middle east or back to Africa. Especially Africa if they keep on calling themselves African Americans. They weren’t BORN there so they aren’t African. They were born here in American so they are American period. You certainly do not hear other ethnic people calling themselves by whatever country they came from. You hear a Mexican born here calling themselves Mexican Americans, or Irish Americans, or even British Americans? If they want to better themselves then leave the DAMN DRUGS ALONE.

    • ARJAY

      Agree with everything except mexican’s born here DO call themselves mexican-American and wave the mexican flag. NOT ALL of them do that, but a LOT of them do.

      I have NO problem with people calling themselves American of _______ descent.

      They should be American FIRST, then if they want to give the country or region they are from, I’m OK with that.


    Who listens to that old RACE BATING, TAX EVADING jerk, anyway?!?!

    He has NOTHING of value to say to ANYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ima Barber

    Sbut up and pay your taxes.

  • ncgal

    Sharpton has to stick his ugly a– into it. Why is he not in prison for not paying taxes?

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