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Rosie O’Donnell calls on Obama to impose martial law, cancel Trump inauguration


Notorious Hollywood liberal Rosie O’Donnell is running her mouth once again. Apparently she’d “fully support martial law” in effort to block President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration:

The “charges,” are, of course, related to the never-ending liberal conspiracy theory that Russia got Trump elected. However, there are currently no official charges that Russia interfered in the election at all.

Unsurprisingly, many Twitter users called O’Donnell out on her idiocy:

I’m going to hazard a guess that O’Donnell doesn’t really understand what martial law really means, kind of like how liberals still don’t understand why they lost.

Image credit: eyecmore/Flickr (cc by-sa 2.0)

  • Clete Tacker

    Who cares what this guy O’Donnell thinks.

    • CDD


  • Bill Schult

    Rosie O’Donnel is the consummate hater of anything that does not fit her socialistic ideals. She should pack up her bags and leave this country. She will be happier or perhaps not in some other country. I for one, would be much happier if she would take her flaming mouth and hatred out of America.

  • lchav52

    Leftist idiot …

  • Danny S.

    Anyone who gets behind Rosie for one second is living proof of why the progressives took a big dump!!!

    • IronPhoenix

      Getting behind Rosie for one second is impossible. It’ll take at least 15 minutes to find the way out…

  • Dennis

    Rosie, just keep your promise and just leave the country you un-American slob! If anything should be done it is that you should wear a Burka to protect everyone’s eyesight, put 200 mph NASCAR tape over your mouth and then keep your promise to move to some other country. You are a disgrace!

  • 4USA2

    Someone please explain why Rossie O even gets a mention? And who gives a damn what she wants?

    • Cindy Lou Terror

      Totally agree. Why give these psychotic celebutards any coverage? For them, any mention in the media is a good thing. Just ignore their ranting and raving.

    • Doug Burton

      Exactly. Or any of the others.

  • Obtruder

    She needs to go to DC and protest like all of the others of her kind that are heading there.

  • CDD

    Rosie and Whoopie spout off because we pay attention to them. They are as irrelevant as their messiah Obama is quickly becoming- as irrelevant as their Socialist ideology is becoming.

    • ncgal

      Don’t forget Joy also.

  • Doug Burton

    Possibly if everyone totally ignored Hollywood people & kept them out of the “spotlight”, their attempts of self grandeur/ego satisfaction might diminish.
    If no one listened, responded, reported or paid attention to this silliness, would it continue? Even if it did, so what? Doesn’t freedom of speech apply to all, even those who may be misguided?
    Yes they need to move on & get over the Dem loss but don’t Donald Trump supporters need to do the same & not allow themselves to be baited by (giving them the benefit of the doubt here) total wingnuts?
    If wounds can be healed, then would a united American people be better able to provide more resistance to Soros & others who are believed to be behind stirring up these wingnuts? Change comes from within?
    Many of these liberals have been led astray for years. It did not happen overnight. In order to change their thinking they will need to admit to themselves that they were mislead and have been wrong for years in what is best for the country. This will take time. Responding to them or ridiculing them may add further delays to the unity needed to face major issues.
    While it is prudent to be aware of the nonsense, is the greater good better served by totally ignoring their petulant comments and reinforce educating all to the truths? Just a thought…….
    BTW…..Was anyone else surprised at the unbelievable lack of artistic talent in their “I will survive” video and their self congratulatory hoopla at the end because they think it was good, matters and will make a difference? So sad really.
    Hopefully time will heal all voters.

  • james jeffreys

    Why don’t we ignore her!! Quit giving her air and print time !!!!

    • Barkingdeathsquirrel

      Hell, I just wanna stop her from having breathable atmosphere.
      Save everyone’s eardrums.

  • disqus_rEWjgfyzIp

    Just drop her in one of the waiting FEMA camps so she has a taste of martial law and if we are lucky some one will forget about her. She can take some of her hollyweird friends along whit her.

  • NowYouKnow

    Rosie would be perfect as a flight attendant for United Airlines. Her look and attitude would fit right in.

    • IronPhoenix

      They would not want to waste the fuel hauling around that much extra mass …

  • Bud William

    Why are the News Networks bent on following such cretins as Rosie, Whoopie etc.?

  • Ithamar

    Obama is arrogant and not very bright, but I don’t believe he is that stupid to try such a thing. I don’t think the left wing loons have a clue as to how fed up the real Americans are with their vileness and are willing to take whatever action is necessary to appropriately deal with their lawless acts.

    • Barkingdeathsquirrel

      I wouldn’t discount leftist stupidity. They tend to go all in when it is obvious that they cannot win.

  • James Andrews

    Screw that pig…..

    • IronPhoenix

      Not that desperate, thanks…

      • James Andrews

        Good one….

      • Barkingdeathsquirrel

        Honestly, a real pig, that would feel insulted at the comparison, would be preferable.

  • IronPhoenix

    On the side thought that someone might take her seriously, this libtard fantasy becoming reality WILL result in a new American Revolution. We The People will NOT tolerate Ohomo squatting in the Oval Office any longer than Jan 20. Libtards that may want to say “bring it on!” need to be aware of a few things: The military will NOT back Martial Law. Law Enforcement will NOT back Martial Law. Liberals are generally unarmed snowflakes. Conservatives are generally well-armed and know how to use that equipment.

    There are some 300 million firearms and 12 trillion rounds of ammo in the hands of conservatives. If we were violent, you’d know, and if you push us into a new revolution, the Left WILL lose.

  • marihia


    • Barkingdeathsquirrel

      Please, you insult pigs.

  • Vega632

    Tells you just how American these sickos are.

  • stick

    Another brain dead hollyweed that doesn’t have a clue about real life. They all are living in their fantasy world and when things don’t go their way they become whiny cry babies. Rosie when you ever acquire the critic acclaim, such as Streep, then you can open your mouth, until then keep your fat pig face mouth shut. Everytime you open it you show how stupid you really are. You are a blight on your profession.

  • Ronald Hagler

    If you (Rosie) knew anything about Martial Law you would know that such a move would split the U.S and drive a stake through the heart of the DNC. Although I am sure Obama has “thought” about it, even he realizes the consequences of such an action would be decisive and the damage to him permanent.

    I find it disconcerting The Constitution, which has served us well for these 200+ years, is now considered old, antiquated and in need of revision. From repealing the 2nd Amendment to revising the Electoral process, liberals are vocal on their displeasure over said document. An “anti-America“, “anti-Christian“, “anti-democracy”, self-serving, fraudulent, socialistic, psychopath has ruled this nation for the last 8 years and the first female to garner support from a major party has been defeated in her quest for the Presidency and NOW The Constitution (and all it encompasses) is wrong! Had Hillary won, the process would be deemed sound and no liberal outcry would be heard. Perhaps conservative “repubs” should spend exorbitant hours seeking to create THEIR utopia: void of welfare, miscreants, ne’er-do-wells, freeloaders and liberals! Just Musing

  • Traveller62

    Um, she does not realize that “martial law” includes severance of all the freedoms we have and enjoy today. That includes “freedom of speech”. She would be just as liable to be thrown in jail for flapping her pie hole as everyone else, if that came into being.

  • wellilltellya

    personalty I liked it a lot better when Rossie was going to LEAVE AMERICA, “IF” ? TRUMP did so was that a threat or PROMISE ? you said it so GO FOR IT

  • Rich Kenny

    rosie o’donnell is a foul mouth blabbering idiot, she is not a true American who loves her country she is for rosie and nothing else…just another entertainer who is not very entertaining….she is NOT a politician… even a poor one! and dishonest… she was PROMISING to move to Canada should Trump win the election… this was a lie, we all know cuz she never intended to move… and I think that is emphasized by the fact that Canada doesn’t want her and makes no bones about it.

  • daledor

    Rossie you love to act like a fool. How about YOU leaving America all together and blab you hate for America from another country – I suggest Iran. You will have to wear headcover and bow to the men of course. Oh, better not blab like in America under the freedom the Constitution HERE gives else you help some guy in Iran “get a head”.

    • Barkingdeathsquirrel

      That’s not acting.

      • daledor

        I know I just did not want to call her the b word. LOL!

  • Bob Mann

    Who gives a hoot what you think, leave our country like you promised you would DO.

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