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Man pays DMV in 300,000 pennies just to inconvenience them

Photo: Roman Oleinik/Wikimedia Commons (cc by-sa 3.0)

Photo: Roman Oleinik/Wikimedia Commons (cc by-sa 3.0)

Because government is absolutely ridiculous, a Virginia man had to file a Freedom of Information Act request just to get the direct number to his local DMV. So when it came time to pay the sales tax on two cars, he made sure to pay entirely in pennies:

Nick Stafford carted the pennies into the DMV in five wheelbarrows Wednesday. The coins weighed 1,600 pounds.

“If they were going to inconvenience me, then I was going to inconvenience them,” he told the Bristol Herald Courier.

The paper reported that Stafford became incensed in September when he attempted to call the Lebanon DMV and was routed to a call center in faraway Richmond.

That led Stafford to file three lawsuits after he couldn’t get the phone numbers of nine local DMV offices. On Tuesday a judge dismissed the cases after an attorney for the DMV gave Stafford the numbers, the paper reported.

Stafford paid 11 of his employees $440 to help him unroll the 298,745 pennies required to pay the $2,987.14 in sales tax he owed the DMV after purchasing two new cars with cash. The five wheelbarrows cost him another $400. He also bought the domain name and set it to redirect to his company website.

Not all heroes wear capes.

  • Ima Barber

    I love it when the average citizen gets a little revenge.

  • Ralph Townsend

    This is an example of govenment gone mad. Who do they think they are there for? MAYBE TO SERVE THE CLIENT. WITH OUT WHOM THERE IS NO NEED OF THEM.

    THIS WAS A BIT EXTREAM, A better thing would be to fire those responible.

    • WVF

      Wimp response!

  • RocRizzo

    Just another selfish idiot who does not wish to pay his fair share. Just like Donny Tinyhands!

    • Russell J. Morris

      How do you see this AT ALL as someone not wanting to pay their fair share???

      • WVF

        If a person is stupid, they have no understanding.

    • Bud William

      Roc did you read the article? Didn’t think so.

    • WVF

      You are an idiot!

      • RocRizzo

        What’s the matter? Can’t argue the point, so you put down the person?

        • WVF

          Any intelligent person knows that it’s a waste of time to try to argue with an idiot or stupid person. So, I choose not to do that which is impossible.

          • Arizona Don

            Right; It is impossible to reason with an unreasonable person.

          • WVF

            Arizona Don, usually it just happens to be Democrats, RINO’s, Marxists, communists, socialists, and it is often difficult to differentiate among them.

        • Arizona Don

          Approve of you own post I see! That’s nice.

    • ARJAY

      What do you mean? He PAID the tax!!

  • WVF

    This should be done by all of us! Let’s take our country back!

  • Reruho

    There was a man in Connecticut that paid his taxes in pennies after a dispute with the city government. They past a rule after that you could not pay your taxes in coins.

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