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Liberals wetting their pants over bill to loosen rules on suppressors

Photo credit: Public domian via Cortland, Wikimedia Commons

Photo credit: Public domian via Cortland, Wikimedia Commons

A bill moving through Congress would eliminate the special licenses and taxes restricting Americans’ access to suppressors, allowing them to be sold just like regular firearms.

Predictably, liberals are losing their minds.

Suppressors, often wrongly referred to as “silencers,” are heavily regulated like machine guns under a Depression-era anti-gun law, the National Firearms Act.

Americans can only legally buy suppressors if they have a special Federal license and pay a $200 Federal tax.

That’s “not only unconstitutional but embarrassing,” Gun Owners of America Executive Director Larry Pratt tells The Hill.

They “are not used in crime, nor would they be if more widely available,” Pratt says. Suppressors are expensive, heavy and make a gun more difficult to handle.

There are benefits, however. Suppressors do not “silence” the sound of a gun firing, but they do reduce the recoil and make the sound less sharp and painful to the ears.

A gunshot that measures 165 decibels would measure 135 decibels with the use of a suppressor. That’s the same noise level as a jackhammer, but underneath the more dangerous 165 decibel level. Eardrums can rupture from sounds measuring 150 decibels.

That’s critical for Americans who enjoy target shooting as a hobby.

That’s why bill sponsor Congressman Matt Salmon titled his legislation “The Hearing Protection Act.”

And that has deaf-to-the-truth liberals in a pants-wetting freakout.

“It’s only a matter of time until a silenced round injures or kills an innocent person who had no opportunity to hear the report of gunfire and find cover,” Ladd Everitt, spokesman for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, wailed.

Two problems.

First, if you can hear an ambulance siren, you can hear gunfire from a suppressed weapon. The suppressor only flattens the report, which is still very loud.

Second, bullets travel faster than sound.

The only place suppressors “silence” a gun? The movies.

Liberals are actually basing national public policy based on fictional portrayals from action movies!

What’s next? Democrats try to ban the manufacture of Flubber?

Other liberals point to YouTube videos as proof suppressors completely eliminate the sound of gunfire.

They failed to mention those videos are posted by people looking to sell homemade suppressors, who then edit the video by turning down the volume to make their product more impressive.

But don’t hold your breath waiting for anti-gun psychos to accept reality.

In a Salon magazine article that is rubber-room crazy, claims suppressors are “the accessory of choice for targeted assassination.”

Here’s a challenge for liberals: If suppressors are “the accessory of choice for targeted assassination,” name five people assassinated with a suppressed weapon.

And you can’t count fictional movies characters.

  • Dk

    As a gun enthusiast I’m excited but unless these things come way down in price I won’t be running to buy a bucket load of suppressors. What we really need instead of suppressors for guns…a liberal suppressor. No, sorry–make that a liberal silencer :))

  • BonLovesFreedom

    HAH! What doesn’t make the “liberals” wet their pants these days? It’s only going to get worse for THEM – finally!

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