Illegals swarming US border in last call for amnesty before Trump takes over

Photo: EdmondMeinfelder/Flickr (cc by 2.0)

Photo: EdmondMeinfelder/Flickr (cc by 2.0)

Illegal crossings of the U.S./Mexican border were at crisis levels last month, as migrants are rushing to get into the country before President Donald Trump can close the door.

The Department of Homeland Security reports 43,372 people were detained illegally crossing the border in December of 2016. That’s almost twice the 29,528 captured in December of 2017.

Overall, illegal border crossings are far below the numbers seen just 16 years ago, but they have been on a dramatic rise in the final years of Barack Obama’s presidency.

What makes these illegal crossings unique is many of migrants aren’t trying to avoid capture.

In fact, Border Patrol agents report thousands of women and children are crossing the border and walking TOWARD the nearest Patrol station to turn themselves it.

It seems human smugglers in Central America are telling families that if they can successfully get into the U.S. and report themselves to the government, Barack Obama will give them amnesty papers.

7,243 of those detained were children, dramatically higher than usual.

As a result shelters along the border are stuffed to the rafters with Central American women and children. There, they are processed, put on busses and sent to live with contacts until the government can deport them.

Most never show up for their deportation hearing.

Now, it seems, illegals are rushing to get into the country before Trump can actually crack down on the practice and effectively deport them.

  • spartacus

    no welfare , no food stamps , no santuary cities .

  • Alan Wrobel

    “were detained illegally crossing the border” So they were detained illegally?

  • WVF

    I don’t know how many of these criminals made it across, but those days are over now, because President Trump is in office.

  • mike74

    turn around and go home there are no freebees here . get in line like everybody else

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