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Trump planning to ax these federal agencies

Photo: FEMA (CC0)

Photo: FEMA (CC0)

The Trump Train is pulling into the White House, and the President-elect is armed with an ax. His target? Government spending:

The departments of Commerce and Energy would see major reductions in funding, with programs under their jurisdiction either being eliminated or transferred to other agencies. The departments of Transportation, Justice and State would see significant cuts and program eliminations.

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting would be privatized, while the National Endowment for the Arts and National Endowment for the Humanities would be eliminated entirely.

Overall, the blueprint being used by Trump’s team would reduce federal spending by $10.5 trillion over 10 years.

The so-called “skinny budget” is very similar to a blueprint published last year by the Heritage Foundation. Indeed, the two Trump team members in charge of laying the groundwork for the budget — Russ Vought and John Gray — both worked for the conservative think tank.

As for what Trump plans to do with the extra money generated by his deep cuts? Build the wall:

The spending reductions are expected to be used to help pay for Trump’s plan to boost the Pentagon’s budget, tax cuts and some pet projects, potentially including the anti-immigration wall on the nation’s southern border.

The Trump administration’s full budget, including appropriations language, supplementary materials and long-term analysis, is expected to be released toward the end of Trump’s first 100 days in office.

  • disqus_BAvz0LV7zw

    Only 12% to 13% is the total population of blacks in the US. But black government employees consist of 20% plus in the federal workforce. If Trump drains the swamp of these unnecessary black employees, they will form alliance to sue the Federal government or even President Trump. They are smelling hundreds of millions of dollars and assured of winning the suit. Why? They will all cry ‘RACISM”.. In 2010 audit, GAO reported and prepared disclosures of overlapping departments where employees are doing similar jobs with other employees. In you include employee benefits, the costs of taxpayers are hundreds of millions of dollars, or even billions of dollars for 8 years. Obama in order to please his voters especially the blacks, he plugged in so many hires that duplicated or even tripled the job that could be done by one person.

    • PrahaPartizan

      The Federal workforce has fallen during Obama’s administration. Any chance you could provide a link for that 2010 GAO audit to prove that it actually existed or exists?

      • tnetcenter

        Try again! The federal workforce has done NOTHING but go up in the last 8 years!

  • Charlie

    In the last paragraph we see the “anti-immigration wall.” Hey, s… for brains, it is anti illegal alien, not anti immigration. Immigrants will still be able to get visas and enter lawfully at ports of entry. The wall is intended to stop criminals, such as prior deported aliens, drug mules, and other miscreants. It does nothing to reduce immigration.

    • Bay0Wulf

      Yeah … all sorts of “information sources” seem to fail to make that distinction.
      Immigration as well needs an overhaul

      … there is no way that we need to accept One Million immigrants per year
      … there is no reason that we should not have literacy and resource requirements
      … there is no reason we should simply take anybody who shows up in
      … there is no reason we shouldn’t be “picky” about who we accept

      Also we need to put a bunch of rules into place in order to do something towards getting a nhandle on who we accept as “Refugees” …

    • McFerguson

      Good point, Charlie! One would think that on a “Conservative Republican News” site, one could get it in his/her head not to corrupt what the big fight is all about. It’s about ILLEGAL ALIENS crossing our border by the truckload and being transported to a Sanctuary City in San Francisco or some other loon haven while our tax payers pick up the tab. Hello?

  • Rich

    The corporation for ‘public broadcasting’. Sure am going to miss that iib propaganda organ.

    • RLTMLT

      Actually PBS was tamed to a large degree during the last Bush Administration when the Board of the corporation for public Broadcasting was taken over by Right Wingers. There have been subtle changes in content along with an increase in advertising by various PBS affiliates. A recent NOVA presentation actual reported on the return of Nuclear Power using a new salt water Reactor design that would eliminate meltdowns. No longer a need for taxpayer funded Windmills and Solar farms that would never be able to keep up with the power demand of a country like ours. A knife in the hearts of the global warming fanatics !

      • PrahaPartizan

        You didn’t understand that NOVA program on the DoE offshoot efforts with molten salt nuclear reactors, did you? The DoE and its predecessor, the Atomic Energy Commission played around with multiple reactor designs to explore various concepts and prove out ideas. That was all done on the taxpayers’ nickels, because research like that is not funded by private, profit-seeking corporations who care only about this quarter’s financials. Those new reactors are intended to work alongside the wind and solar power sources in reducing carbon emissions, to the benefit of those “global warming fanatics” who actually are correct in their science. Unlike anti-science Trumpkins who don’t want to believe in global climate change because it doesn’t comport with their fantasy view of the world. Why are conservatives so wedded to magic? Is it because of their insistence that “you just gotta believe?”

        • ARJAY

          Yup, the 4 ice ages the earth went through was ALL man made.

          Man created SO MUCH C02 during the formation of the earth (it had NOTHING to do with physics or natural forces). So the earth had its 1st ICE AGE!

          Then the earth warmed up (man made global warming, nothing to do with the CYCLES OF THE SUN!).

          The MASSIVE volcano eruptions also had NOTHING to do with the global cooling. That TOO was caused by man!!

          Then repeated THREE MORE TIMES!!!!

          Don’t forget the 1960″s when the ALARMISTS were FREAKING about going into an ICE AGE!! BOY did THAT one flip quickly into MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING!!!!!

          THEN when the warming stopped, you all flipped out and had to change it to “CLIMATE CHANGE”!!!!!!

          This old earth has a HISTORY of MASSIVE CLIMATE CHANGES!! BEFORE man ever was on the face of the earth!!!!

          Boy the humans just couldn’t keep those pesky CO2 levels down, could they?!?!?!?!

          I guess ALL you MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISTS, forgot your science lessons of the BIG BANG THEORY and the formation of the earth and the following ICE ages and then the MELTING of those MILES high ICE PACKS!!!!

          Yup, MAN is at fault for EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Get a REAL life, you silly fools.

          • PrahaPartizan

            Just how much “Dumb Down” did your overlords put in the Kewl-Aide you conservatives have been drinking? Besides, if you actually in Creationism, just how did all of those eons occur?

        • McFerguson

          No, it’s because you guys are wedded to “consensus” science and government grants. And when the “scientists” finally tell us what the precise temperature should be in every part of the world and the requisite amount of carbon emissions required to main a static weather pattern in each region, I might buy into your science. Right now you’re running on theory, and you’re charging we taxpayers out the wazoo to pay for it. Shouldn’t you be more worried about the Yellowstone National Park caldera exploding and taking, oh, maybe five states with it? Science tells us such explosions take place every 500,000 years, or so, and we’re way overdue. Any concern there, PrahaPartizan?

          • PrahaPartizan

            Wow, another conservative who believes in “alternate facts!” Why are conservatives so wedded to magic and fantasy? You guys sound ever so much like the Russian imperial dynasty with its emphasis on mysticism and magic before it finally got itself booted out for incompetence. I’m sure Kim Jong Orange is gonna wind up like Czar Nicky as well.

          • McFerguson

            And why are you wombats so wedded to gibberish and nonsense? You sound to me as if you’re nuttier than squirrel droppings, PrahaPartizan. And what does a PrahaPartizan even look like? Enquiring minds would like to know…

      • McFerguson

        Are you sure Obozo didn’t turn it back into a facsimile of Air America Radio in the past 8 years?

  • jerry1944

    Sounds good but i can think of more things to cut . like the IRS and the DEQ and lets not forget PPH

  • Pegasus

    Trump is a great POTUS!

  • DPM

    Who is the idiot who wrote this piece of garbage? ” Armed with and ax”, “anti-immigrant wall”. Give us all a break. I just saw a poll that stated 1 of every 3 never Trumpers are just as stupid as the other two. Katie proves it.

  • Reverend Joe Ruyle

    Department of the interior….. BLM……. Why do we need a federal agency or oversee and mismanage lands which are wholly within the borders of sovereign states? Total waste of money.

    • PrahaPartizan

      So wrong that it beggars the imagination. All of those “sovereign” states formed out west back in the 1800s — all formed from land owned by the Federal government. The Federal government existed before those states. That’s why it’s not the states’ land to own and manage, despite the crazed musings of some folk. Since the land was and is owned by ALL of the people of this great nation, it cannot be disposed of or put under the control of people who have narrow interests and mostly self-interest involved. If right-winger ever learned any history beyond what’s contained in their Bible, we’d all be better off.

      • Carol

        Well, according to our US Constitution…Section 8; the feds are not allowed to own land unless it is being used for forts, Washington DC for 10 sq miles, ,magazines, arsenal,dock yards and other needful buildings. The land does belong to the people but not to the Federal Government. The treaty to graze the land such as in the case of the Bundys is for the good of that land and has been established as a “right” since the newer laws that have been established that go against the Constitution so therefore are illegal laws not to be obeyed.

        • Roy Clingenpeel

          Carol, I’m glad to see that someone else has actually read the Constitution.
          The idiots that think the people directly elect the president by majority vote, some are in congress, should also read Article II section 1 on how a president is really elected. The states elect the electors and the congress which are voted for in most states as directed by their laws “democratically” by individual vote. The electors elect the president ,or in some cases if no one has received a majority, the house federally elect the president .

          • PrahaPartizan

            Yeah, but its’ too bad that some of you can only mouth out the words without actually understanding what you’re reading.

        • PrahaPartizan

          Well, I can only presume that you are referring to Article I, Section 8, since you were too stupid or lazy to make the full reference, that Section is quite expandable, as noted in Paragraph [18] of that very same Section. As for your claim that the land belongs to the “people” but not the Federal Government, it’s risible on its face. Are you claiming that anybody can take over any portion of Federal land for their own use simply because they want to? That’s what you’re saying. If your claim is true, then how does the Federal government get the right to dispose of territories it has acquired? I thought the land belonged to the “people” to dispose of as they will. Or, perhaps, the land belongs to the People via their agency the Federal government.

          • Carol

            You cannot take the land for private use….read , read, read….be nice no reason to be snarky! Life is short enough.

  • PrahaPartizan

    So many of these Trumpkins don’t understand what the Departments of Commerce and Energy actually do, so of course they’re in favor of getting rid of them. The same goes for State — and Trumpkins’ callousness toward the safety of Foreign Service officers working in the interests of our great nation overseas is shown by this threat to slash State budgets, which will also include security for State Department workers. Yeah, Benghazi was great, but only as a political hammer. And who needs civil rights operations in Justice when Trump and his minions plan on bringing Jim Crow laws back to town. Yee-haw!

  • Lorraine E

    Please President Trump eliminate the dept of indoctrination (used to be education) and return the responsibility for education to the states. Also eliminate the e.p.a. and the f.d.a. because they do more damage than good. Also slash the i.r.s. and state dept to “clean the swamp” they have created within their agencies.
    Wish I could send a big red marker to President Trump to use to eliminate billions of wasteful federal spending.


    “Overall, the blueprint being used by Trump’s team would reduce federal spending by $10.5 trillion over 10 years.”
    The same amount that our national debt grew during the Obama Administration, doubling the accumulated debt added by the Clinton and Bush administrations !

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