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Rabid liberals injure Trump ball attendees in mob attack


A brutal mob assault occurred at the pro-Trump “DeploraBall” Thursday night. This isn’t what a peaceful transition of power looks like:

Police arrested 34-year-old Scott Ryan Charney, of Northwest, for conspiracy to commit assault near 14th and Newton streets, NW. Police are still searching for “other individuals” involved in the plot.

“After a thorough investigation, it was determined that several individuals made plans to disrupt inauguration activities in an unlawful way,” MPD said in a statement.

Around 9:30 p.m., police suited up in riot gear near 13th and F streets NW as anti-Trump protesters set off smoke devices and clashed with pro-Trump demonstrators outside of the “DeploraBall,” an event at the press club organized by President-elect Trump supporters.

The Washington Post reported that a man was hit with an object thrown at his head. The man was surrounded by police and escorted behind police lines. It is unknown if he was a Trump supporter.

The object was a flag poll. And yes, he was a Trump supporter:

Photo: James Allsup/Facebook

Photo: James Allsup/Facebook

Hillary Clinton called the wrong group of people deplorable.

  • NSB FL

    The last 8 years have shown a progressively declining respect for the law and law enforcement officers. This was not discouraged nor renounced by Obama, Holder and Lynch. You could arguably say that they encouraged it. As a result, criminals are emboldened and actions like this have become commonplace. I believe this is about to come to an abrupt end, as it certainly should, with the inauguration of President Donald Trump.

  • wildeagleone

    One can only hope all that participated in unruly behavior involving injury, be prosecuted and sentenced to the maximum time in jail/ prison permitted by law.
    Obama is no longer there to protect them and approve of this violence as he has done in the past

    • Kevin

      Yes, but news travels slow among idiots whose only source of “news” is Rachel Mad-cow.

  • The adults are in charge again.

  • Robert Pohlman

    Obama’s empowerment of bad behavior, especially where law enforcement was making a legitimate arrest of a thug, caused rioting. The worse President ever in regard to being the President of all the people. An inept person with the feeling of grandeur in a position of power – the man that wanted to be king…

  • Kevin

    Go ahead, you leftist pigs, try to assault a concealed-carry holder, and you’ll get your heads blown off!

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