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Cartoon: A new day


On day one, Donald Trump smashed Barack Obama’s pen and phone and with it his legacy. Check out the latest Branco Toon and share with your friends.


  • BonLovesFreedom

    Go Trump! Stomp all over any socialist, un-Constitutional, islamic or fascist policy, regulation or executive order!

  • Richard Bagenstose

    haven’t herd from the obomas in 2 days yahoo, i bet michelle is beating the crap out of barry, watching trump destroy their hard work, of imposing communisum

  • Mifke547

    THe Democratic party is dead. It simply has not yet understood the message that it was given, loud and clear, on november 8. In my personal “MIND’S BOOK” that I call My Recollections Of History, November 8, 2016 has gone down as the day on which the anti-American agenda of so-called “progressives” was stomped into the mud, and the legacy which Chairman Maobamarx so desperately tried to create and then to save, was sent to its final resting place on the dung-heap of history. Maobamarx himself will be remembered as little more than a footnote, a person who was president for eight years but whose attempt to create a socialist revolution, an attempt that appeared to be gaining traction, was exposed and soundly rejected by the American people. The main stream Media Goliath had, similarly, been found out to be what it really was. Media, in general, have become mouthpieces for the destructive cult that has been the Democratic Party. These shills simply refuse to report the news. This industry is so caught up in its own spin that it cannot see straight any longer. We have, in our midst, a revolutionary force, stronger than and more dangerous than ISIS. This disease has invaded the very cellular structure of this country and, shielding itself behind the very Constitution that it so despises. We have FINALLY been handed the very tools that we need to put these wolves in sheeps’ clothing forever living in the daylight of truth. Unless we, patriotic Americans all, men, women, native Americans ( meaning those born as citizens), unless WE use the tools that we have been given, we are doomed to relive the last eight years of hell again, until the Neanderthal silent terrorists’ voices are So quiet that no-one hears them any longer. The inauguration that occurred last Friday was the single most important event that has taken place, probably for as long as I have been voting. This was my 13th presidential vote. My first was Nixon vs Humphrey in 1968. I have seen the good (Reagan, who was actually great), the bad (Carter) and the ugly (Clinton). Never was a presidential election more important as this last one. Never has the chasm that separates candidates deeper and wider than this last one. Never has a result been more positive, have more meaning for us all, than this last one. And never have I been happier about an election result than this last one. When President Trump took the oath of office, I actually felt that I was being inaugurated. Never have I felt closer to a president than I do to President Trump. The brush fire that was the United States under the Troglodyte who infested the White House for the last eight years has, with a single oath, been fully contained and, as we speak, the flames are being doused with truth, compassion, intelligence and skill. Here’s to you, President Trump. ILLEGITIMI NON CARBORUNDUM (not real words, but a quip meaning DON’T LET THE BASTARDS WEAR YOU DOWN!. We have your back, sir. And we know that you have ours.

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