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Is the Age of Violence upon Us?


Today is a day in U.S. political history like no other. The excitement in Washington is like nothing the city has ever before seen. Barack Obama’s inauguration was historic to most Americans, but I would estimate that at least a third of the population knew the truth about the mysterious, unknown young man who seemed to appear out of nowhere. Nevertheless, the anti-Obama people stayed low key through his inauguration and well beyond.

Not so in 2017. A lot of people are concerned about outright violence at today’s presidential inauguration and subsequent presidential balls, and with good reason. As I have repeatedly stated, the Radical Left is comprised of true believers when it comes to employing violence as a justifiable way of overriding the wishes of voters and usurping power.

When I use the term Radical Left, I’m referring not only to those who are committed to an ideology that has brought enormous poverty and suffering to every country where it has been tried, but also to those who support this destructive ideology out of sheer ignorance or stupidity. (The troglodytes in Hollywood are classic examples of the latter.)

Image Credit: Historymike Public Domain

Image Credit: Historymike Public Domain

As I wrote in my December 17 article titled “My Next Unequivocal Prediction,” Radical Leftists will never let go of their hate-mongering, childish name-calling and mudslinging, and nonstop lying. Nor will they ever change their warped beliefs that racism in America is institutionalized, that manmade global warming has been proven beyond a doubt, and that the use of violence is justified by those who believe that their objectives are morally superior to those of everyone else.

So now, after a year-and-a-half of dirty tricks, criminal behavior, smear tactics, and rioting in an attempt to stop the people’s choice, Donald Trump, from becoming the 45th president of the United States, the standard bearers of malevolence and ignorance are primed and ready to try to tear America apart.

I don’t know what’s going to happen today, nor do I know how much violence there will be over the next four to eight years, but there will be violence, of that you can be certain. That being the case, the important question becomes, what will be the result of the violence?

Because of the heightened security, those who are intent on creating havoc at the inauguration or the events that follow it throughout the afternoon and evening will have a difficult time achieving their ultimate goal — inflicting death on those who dare to take part in Donald Trump’s inauguration. But that doesn’t mean they won’t try.

The issue of violence, however, goes far beyond Inauguration Day. Regardless of what happens today, my concern is how the entire Trump family can be fully protected 24/7 over the next four-to-eight years. Let’s hope the Secret Service finds a way to succeed at this seemingly impossible task.

If, however, those who embrace violence succeed in harming Trump, his wife, his children, or, God forbid, any of his grandchildren, what will that do to America? Because there are millions of people out there with sick minds who would like to see the Trump clan harmed, I’ve given this unpleasant possibility a lot of thought.

What would the result be? There are so many variables that’s it’s hard to know for certain, but here are a few possibilities that come to mind:

  • It could trigger a sympathetic backlash that could result in a dramatic improvement in Trump’s favorability ratings, perhaps to as high as 60 percent. If Trump delivers quantifiable results in addition to this, it could hasten the total disintegration of the Democratic Party, which I believe will happen anyway after the Republicans swamp the Dirty Dems in the 2018 mid-terms.
  • Funded by George Soros and other wealthy, far-left evildoers who are masters at profiting from social unrest and national upheaval, it could result in an all-out civil war. Our normalcy biases make it hard to picture such a scenario, but if the far left maims and kills enough people, it’s entirely possible that the intellectually inferior flyover folks who cling to their guns and bibles might just decide to fight back.It goes without saying that either way, the violence would be blamed on Trump. When the Radical Left goons inflict pain and death, the Lying Left will yell and scream, just as they did at Trump’s rallies, that it is his divisive rhetoric that caused them to be violent. You know the thinking … the Devil made them do it. As the incomparable Chris Plante would say, “Ah, it’s good to be a Democrat, isn’t it?
  • Trump could back down, which is highly unlikely. However, there are many spineless men and women in the Republican Party — Little Marco, Mush McCain, Gomer Graham, and Paul Ryan, to name but a few — who can be counted on to try to appease the Radical Left and engage in political babble like “We have to all come together as Americans” and “We need a national dialog.”This could create a knockdown, drag-out fight between Trump loyalists and old-guard Republicans who are intent on preserving the good life to which both Democrats and Republicans have become so accustomed. Which means business as usual and another win for the Dirty Dems.
  • The Radical Leftists in the Democratic Party could suddenly realize that they are committing political suicide and do an about-face. In other words, they would put aside the phony theatrics and lies and act like adults who really want to work with Republicans for the good of the country. Unfortunately, with the exception of a handful of sane but out of place Democrats (Senator Joe Manchin comes to mind), the chances of that happening are virtually zero.

So, my fellow Americans, we shall see what the lawless Radical Left has in store for us today and from this day forward, and whether or not we can survive it. Just know that violence is a virtual certainty. When and how much are the two big questions. Let’s hope that we’re all pleasantly surprised and that the quantity of violence is much less than some might now be expecting.

P.S. I still believe that splitting America into at least two countries is the best possible solution for everyone. The Radical Left could attack each other with reckless abandon in their own country, while those who believe in liberty could spend their time working to make life better for everyone within their borders.

Just think, the United States of Good Guys and the United States of Bad Guys. Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?


This is a guest post by Robert Ringer an icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.
  • Hillary and Soros are not going to give up their hate and push even harder for the NWO

    • RLTMLT

      As the author pointed out their is an entrenched segment on the Right that continues to back the Liberals agenda of central control by wealthy oligarchs; “Little Marco, Mush McCain, Gomer Graham, and Paul Ryan, to name but a few”. Sooner or later the Liberal’s current agenda will decline like that of Occupy when Trump sets meaningful programs into motion that lead to a rise in the standard of living. Destroying the TPP, renegotiating NAFTA, and removing much of the economic burden in the form of excessive taxes and fees from business and average citizens will create an economic upswing that will once again give American Citizens a sense of rising optimism that will render the Liberal Marxist agenda meaningless !

    • dragon6actual

      NWO: negros with obamaphones?

  • spartacus

    an “icon” how about just a “CON” artist , if you need to read some one else’s drivel to focus your life , your just a loser just like the “icon” . grow up mr. “icon and get a real line of work .

  • Robert

    I am not a Liberal and I am not uneducated.
    I will just sit back like most educated people and watch this all blow up in your faces because it is not what the Majority of the population want and Congress will not go along with what just a vocal few want.
    At 80 years old I have seen this pony show many times and it always comes full circle. No country can be an isolationist and survive. The NWO is the United Nations like the United States and you can not survive alone.
    protectionism is no longer a choice, look at Great Britain who with drew from the EU now the pound is nearly worthless, and people have a much higher price for food, and they are not even totally out of the EU.totally.
    Start looking at the whole picture not just the part you want to see.

  • jerry1944

    Whats with the age of volence is upon us What have we been under with this muslumm oabmbo .when he has cops killed for doing there job Citys burned down and more killing than before Now it time to put those that do crime away to end it

  • Richard Bagenstose

    no it ain’t the age of violence , it’s the oboma legacy, the only one he has , your seeing who the real haters are now , that they lost their ring leader, oscumbag oboma, every where oboma has put his foot print is filled with violence and crime, still think he ain’t a terrorist, it’s what they do

  • KayO

    Alinsky must be laughing his on-fire fanny off right now. Too bad these folks don’t even know they’re indoctrinated. Anyone out there ever read a book titled The Naked Communist? It’s a must-read. The Agenda films by Curtis Bowers and a film titled A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing are excellent resources. These people were created for such a time as this.

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