Yet another liberal comic targets Barron Trump and it is the sickest ever

Stephen Spinola. Photo credit:  Twitter

Stephen Spinola. Photo credit: Twitter

Donald Trump’s presidency has sent the Left into a violent, psychotic rage.

But they don’t pick on people their own size, so cowardly liberals are targeting their rage at 10-year-old Barron Trump.

And this latest episode of liberal hate is the sickest, most perverted yet.

In comments posted to Twitter, Stephen Spinola not only called the child a “date rapist to be” and commented on the size of the little boy’s genitals.

The Daily Caller captured the tweets:

“Barron Trump looks like a very handsome date rapist to be,” Spinola first tweeted.

What he posted next was even sicker.

“I don’t want my Mom to get raped, but if she does I hope it’s by Barron Trump,” Spinola wrote. “Small pp [sic] would be painless and we’d win lots of money in court.”

He later deleted the tweets and apologized.

Spinola lists himself as a “Comedy Central contributor,” though that may be a joke. He claims to have appeared on the network’s “@Midnight” program and The Huffington Post.

Comedy Central denies Spinola has ever worked for the network.

The Daily Caller captured the now-deleted tweets:

Photo credit: Twitter

Photo credit: Twitter

  • Nweb

    The left has completely lost their minds, along with any bit of humanity they may have possessed. Spinola is proof positive.

    • Cindy Lou Terror

      Spinola and anyone else who put or puts forward any vicious and hateful comments about this precious 10 year old child should be arrested and tried for child abuse and hate speech and sent to rot in a prison like Lyubianca.

  • ourzoo10

    And these loons think they should be in charge of our Country????

    • MarcJ

      The creeps have been in charge the past 8 years – now comes the detox phase.

      • RLTMLT

        Detox and Decontamination !

        • Cindy Lou Terror

          Skip detox. Go directly to decontaminate.

          • RLTMLT

            For Sure !

  • WVF

    If this guy is supposed to be a comedian, when do we start laughing? So far, it sounds like an unhinged lefty trying to be relevant, but never has been or will ever be.

    • Cindy Lou Terror

      Freedom of Speech has its limits and this sick pervert has exceeded them.

      • WVF

        No one should be allowed to pick on a a ten-year-old child. I can’t imagine that freedom of speech applies in this situation.

  • markie R

    he should be arrested for pedophilia fetish!

    • Cindy Lou Terror


  • mike74

    this 2nd rate comic is a peace of crap these libs need to be put in there place once and for all . the time of PC is over we need to boycott there shows and make shore they have no work or pay for a one way plane ticket.

    • Barkingdeathsquirrel

      No, second rate is too high of a rating for this turd.
      Tenth rate, maybe, but sure as hell not as high as second rate.


    This all started in the 1950s when Dr. Benjamin Spock started preaching to young mothers to spare the rod and spoil the child. It created a generation of young narcissists who rose to prominence in the late 1960s rejecting a long held system of values that saw no one group of individuals excluded from contributing to this country’s well being ! Trump has committed to disassembling a national education system that has turned our public schools into indoctrination centers producing several generations of young Marxists that believe they deserve a free ride cradle to grave on the backs of the taxpayers ! Not hard to inspire division at all levels when your are able to convince individual ethnic and gender groups that they deserve unique consideration over all others !

    • Cindy Lou Terror

      Excellent post. Impressive and the truth. Thank you.

      • RLTMLT

        Thanks Cindy, I was fortunate in that my mom was not one of those sheep who fell prey to every snake oil salesman that came down the street !

        • Cindy Lou Terror

          Thank G-d for that. Like mother like son – both very smart.

  • marihia


    • Cindy Lou Terror

      If he takes enough viagara to get it up.

  • kchamb

    This behavior has been condoned by and encourage by the actions of Barack Obama, himself, no better than this Libtard claudhopper.

    • Dancer

      The correct spelling is clodhopper

      • Fred Mitchell

        Well, if it’s English you crave, where’s your period?



    • Cindy Lou Terror

      You are so correct.

  • Brad Jones

    Sad. More depravity from the bowels of the left-wing cesspool.

  • Another putz who is a waste of time. <– That 10 seconds right there for example.

  • George Bernard Vieto

    The loons are out again. Get used to it liberals. Trump is our POTUS. Keep acting like spoiled kids.

  • Diane Smith

    Stephen Spinola not only looks like a goon, acts like a goon but resembles the slime he is.

  • Judie

    What a despicable person. I would say human but I doubt that he is a human. Triple barf.

  • Texas Belle

    Liberals know no limit in trying to hurt people. How sick can you be when you make comments like that about a 10 year old? It is more than disgusting; it is perverted. Do people like him think they are bringing people to their cause when they spit out vulgar and trashy comments? They only show their ignorance and stupidity.

  • NowYouKnow

    Can you imagine going to his standup show? You would soon realize what a mistake that was. And you would be astounded by how many in the audience were not leaving as you were, but eating it up.

    • deepthink

      A true waste of your money if you spend even one cent to attend one of his performances!

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