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Video: Liberal man punches conservative woman at women’s march, feminists victim-blame woman


Canadians are stereotyped as being overly polite, but that was far from the case at a Women’s March in Edmonton, Alberta over the weekend.

Sheila Gunn Reid, the Alberta bureau chief of conservative media site Rebel Media, was filming the march when a liberal man with a comically oversized lip ring punched her in the face.

Even more ridiculous, the feminists at the march blamed Reid for the man’s actions:

“Go away. Get out of my [expletive] face. I will break your camera,” the man says before taking a swing in the direction of the camera.

“You don’t have the right to film me,” he says, backing away.

“Yeah I do, and you just hit me in the face,” Ms. Reid responds.

Other marchers at the women’s rally step in to de-escalate the conflict.

“No, don’t tell me to calm down. That guy hit me in the face,” Ms. Reid tells intervening protesters.

“You’re part of the problem, not the solution,” one marcher says to the woman who was punched in the face.

“Yeah, I’m the problem, you victim-blamer,” Ms. Reid says. “That guy just hit me in the face.”

The incident was captured on video (foul language warning):

There is some good news, however: the man was identified and charged with assault.

  • eddiebjr

    I hope he gets arrested for assault.

  • Such a stud he had women protect him. What a Loser!

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