Trump Protesters

Anti Trump Leftists thought it would be cute to block a street. The police weren’t playing.

Photo Credit: Twitter, @Fox21Oregon

Photo Credit: Twitter, @Fox21Oregon

A group of Portland, Oregon anti-Trump rioters who consider themselves “The Resistance” thought it would be fun to trap people on a bus as they blocked traffic.

Bringing downtown traffic to a halt, the protesters thought they would be greeted with cheers.

Boy, were they wrong.

Video captured by Fox 12 reporter Kelsey Watts shows the protesters surrounded by screaming commuters, who cursed at them and told them to stop blocking traffic.

And that’s when the police showed up.

In riot gear.

The video shows armored police running into the mob of protesters at full speed, plowing them across the pavement like a bulldozer.

The protest was cleared in seconds. 14 liberals were arrested.

As police smashed their way into the protest the crowd in this notoriously liberal city…burst into wild cheers.

“Take them all down!,” shouted a man.

“Some of us just want to get home,” said a woman.

Between this, and Washington, D.C. charging anti-Trump leftists with felony rioting, it appears big cities are getting sick and tired of dealing with liberal lunacy.

  • efred1

    Awesome! Rule of Law finally being implemented!

  • Name

    Bravo! It is about time they deal with this.


    So it looks like LAW AND ORDER is back, just FIVE DAYS after Trump takes the OVAL OFFICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jerry1944

    That the way to go take them down first then worry about the lawyers . In i trial the public will be or them i am sure But some cities think they should pay the thug libs to not fill there law suits . I dont believe in that make them pay


    It appears that the patience of the law enforcement community, even in the Liberal Northwestern corner of the country, is being challenged by a group of fanatics who dare to push the limits against those who literally put their lives on the line every day to insure our safety !

  • Robert Pekarik

    What are the far left liberal progressive democrats going to do now that burning, looting, stealing, rioting and anarchism is now being handled the way it should be instead of the Obama rule that anything goes. Obama’s fundamental transformation of the 1st Amendment allowed criminal activity to go on with no fear of arrest, trial or punishment. He considered it a right to destroy America. We the people know it’s our right to remove all corrupt to the core democrats from leadership positions.

  • wildeagleone

    It is just the begining of a new admin and President of law and order and time for all these anti Americans to be treated as any other criminal and arrested and incarcerated

    • plum82

      HALLELUJAH ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Eric

    Poor ignorant snowflakes… they’re such a pitiful lot!

  • Charlie

    Guess the loud ,the whiny , the few are finally being told to behave . It’s about time for these few have been bulling the majority for far to long .

  • Kevin

    It’s about time!!!

  • Great job! I live in Vancouver, WA right across the river from Portland. I moved from Portland due to too much liberal thinking, allowing aggressive panhandling and other nonsense. I only go into downtown Portland when I HAVE TO. If you had a Trump, Bush, Romney or McCain bumper sticker you would likely get a rock thru your window or someone would key the paint. Even saw some with battery acid burned paint. No respect. I am glad to hear that they are finally taking steps to uphold the law. Thank God!

  • Robert

    I just wonder when drivers who see these fascists starting to block traffic will decide, instead of stopping for them, to just floor it and run them over – on-the-spot justice.

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