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Trump unloads on ‘disgusting’ Madonna


When it comes to loudmouth liberals, aging pop star Madonna might be the crassest of them all. Back in October, she offered blowjobs in exchange for Hillary Clinton votes.

Clearly that didn’t work.

But now that Donald Trump is POTUS, Madonna is willing to go to even more extreme measures to stop him. At the Women’s March on Washington Saturday, she admitted that she’s “thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.”

President Trump, unsurprisingly, found her comments “disgusting”:

“Honestly, she’s disgusting,” Trump said during an interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News Thursday. “I think she hurt herself very badly. I think she hurt that whole cause. I thought she was in particular — I thought what she said was disgraceful to our country.”

Liberals have caught a serious case of foo-in-mouth disease since Trump’s inauguration. Saturday Night Live writer Katie Rich tweeted that Trump’s 10-year-old son, Barron, would be America’s “first homeschool shooter.” She’s since been suspended from the show.

  • wildeagleone

    She is gutter trash?!?!!!!


    Especially disgusting to those of us who risk our lives on the battle field and saw many of our friends lose their lives defending this country !

  • Vinuzzo

    This woman makes me embarrassed to be a Sicilian-American and she brings dishonor to the word “Madonna”. She’s also an insipid and uninspiring, no-talent orator.

    • Phil

      She only half italian descent. The old Italians would call her , ” LA GRANDA PUTANA

  • Texas Belle

    Go back to England or wherever you came from. You are not an American.

  • Irvan

    That GUTTER TRAMP needs to get her ass OUT of the country before someone uses a knife on her part of the body where the legs join.

  • stick

    What do you expect from a sleazy douche bag that was offering blowjobs/cunnillingus for Hillary votes. I wonder how many she actually did???

    • Cindy Lou Terror

      Anyone who would want a piece of that deserves it. Ugh!

  • BonLovesFreedom

    “Madonna” is the farthest thing from The Virgin Mary and an embarrassment to women everywhere. President Trump nailed it – she is absolutely “disgusting” and foul. She should be brought up on charges of threatening the POTUS life, sedition and any other charges possible. Believe she is trying to be relevant but instead made a total arse of herself. (Never cared for her 30-35 years ago.) Also, Michigan should disown her.

  • jerry

    D. Trump shouldn’t acknowledge Madonna; period. Just turn her over to the DHS and let them deal with her!!!!

  • The Old One

    In the mean time she should be arrested and interrogated to see if her “though a lot about blowing up the White House” was more than an airhead threat. Imagine if any republican would have said, one week after Obama’s inauguration, that either the White House was no longer white or that he was seriously thinking about blowing up the White House.

    • Cindy Lou Terror

      Old and very wise; unfortunately Americans celebrate ignorant and inexperienced youth. Madonna is a heretical misnomer for this creature who I agree is a seditionist and should be treated as such.

  • Duane A. Fisher

    And these Entertainment Scum Bags who threaten the President and the People’s House are why we need water boarding & Gitmo.

  • believe

    She has Always been TRASHY.any tome i did see her she ALWAYS LOOKED LIKE SHE SMELLS BAD,

  • sky2cruiser

    Somehow I doubt M will actually blow up the White House – she did say she wonʻt; but in a day when angry liberals will set a college campus on fire to stop a conservative speaker from coming, someone else just might think her idea a good one.

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