Donald Trump, Trump Protesters

Anti-Trump women arrested in crime spree

Image: Boone Police Dept.

Image: Boone Police Dept.

Liberals across the country continue to abuse and misuse their rights under the First Amendment. Recently, four North Carolina women were arrested and charged for spray painting anti-Trump and anti-police graffiti on several businesses and a police car:

Boone police said Taryn Bledsoe, 22, Juliana Grainger, 22, Elizabeth Prier, 22, and Hannah Seay, 21, were arrested late last week. They were charged with seven counts of misdemeanor graffiti and one count of damaging personal property.

Police said the [women] caused about $10,000 worth of damage.

The women went on their vandalism spree shortly before 4 a.m. Jan. 21 — notably, the morning after Trump’s inauguration. A police car was spray painted with the words “Black Lives Matter,” while a health foods store was spray painted with “Neoliberalism!!!”

Image: High Country CrimeStoppers

Image: High Country CrimeStoppers

Liberalism at its finest.

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