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BLM Anti-Trump protester: ‘We need to start killing people’


The Pacific Northwest has turned into a hotbed of vile and illegal behavior from Black Lives Matter and anti-Trump protesters.

In Portland, a group known as “Portland’s Resistance” trapped commuters on a bus as they rioted. Then the leader of that group, Micah Rhodes, was arrested on child sex charges.

But if that’s not bad enough, during an anti-Trump protest in Seattle last weekend a BLM activist proclaimed that they should “start killing people.”

Watch below, but be advised: the language is very graphic.

Even more disturbing? This woman is reportedly a teacher.

  • Sharon Holmes

    Can any of these people speak a sentence without profanity? There may be a reason why they are employees not employers as well. They are doing a great deal of damage to all minorities.

    • Rustytruck

      No they can’t Sharon, it’s the lack of upbringing so it’s all they know. Did you ever notice the only people they go after and try to intimidate are ones less capable of their own self defense? For some reason they don’t mess with us, Bikers that is, or the Veterans, or rednecks. I’m proud to say I am all 3, well except the redneck, I’m more of a HillyBilly but they don’t even argue with me or my brothers. Maybe it’s because back in the early 70s I and 2 other brothers run those black panthers out of Portland, the whole group. As far as I know they are still not out here. People have to learn how to stand their ground with these ni66ers, they are mostly chicken-shit just like the muslim radicals. Run and hide if they even think they’re going to get their ass beat.

      • Eric

        Mostly? Hell… they’re all chicken-shit. Lots of talk and no brains at all.

      • Sharon Holmes

        Good points, but I don’t qualify. Back in the JFK years, when I was a Democrat of sorts, I was a director of several of the poverty programs, and one of the things that was hardest to overcome was the reluctance of employers to give black high school drop-outs a chance to get out of the cycle of poverty they were in, and a good part of the problem was the foul language, so now, when these radicals spout their expletives, do they really think someone is going to respect them, or that they are helping minorities? I assure you they do just the opposite and they undo much of the good that has been done over the years. We have let the education system be taken over by liberals who have convinced children that they all get a blue ribbon for participation and there are no losers. Welcome to life. There are winners and losers and these individuals will always be in the latter category, and it is probably too late to change directions. I am always amazed at today’s bikers, so many of whom, like you, are veterans, and i wish you well out there of the highways full of people who do not care about anything except themselves. Ride safe.

      • ctroop

        Rustytruck … You are a man “after me own heart!” I too am all three … except “ex” on the Biker part … as I am now too old and beat-up … but solid on the remaining 2. And I hereby officially make you an Honorary Redneck in life-long good standing. I suggest you celebrate by going out and buying yourself a new gun … with a high-capacity magazine (to piss off the liberals)!

        • Sharon Holmes

          Fantastic answer ctroop. I think we need to do everything possible to piss off the liberal cupcakes as long as it is legal and respectful. Been looking at a new gun myself.

        • Rustytruck

          How ironic Trooper, I did exactly that! Thanks for the new weapon, I always get excited about a new weapon, can’t wait to head out to the mountains this weekend and spend a few rounds. That’s about as close to a range as I get, like I said, I am a hillbilly and I can shoot. Very well at that, I maxed out the weapons training, there’s a 3 1/2 foot tall trophy up at Ft. Lewis with my name on it. They wouldn’t let me have it but they did give me one about 8 ” tall to take home. Generous of ’em huh? My expert badge has 12 hanger bars on it and they give me an 8 inch tall trophy. Maybe next time I’ll tell you how I almost killed my D.I. and myself with a grenade, learning to throw it,, funny story.
          By the way, you’re never too old to motor a Harley down the highway Trooper, I have friends up in their 70s and 80s still riding. Fixin’ them now is a different story, I keep dialing them in and they keep ridin’. I get to work on some really nice bikes because these old buzzards won’t let go of ’em.
          Thanks for the honorary redneck nomenclature, I’ll wear it proud!


    I believe it’s time for this individual to have a taste of HEMP!

    • ctroop

      ONLY JB1 … I agree with your concept … I shall do the same but with Jack Daniels instead of the weed.

      • ONLYJB1

        Sorry for the misunderstanding. The hemp was not to smoke. Hemp makes some of the best rope.

        • Sharon Holmes

          Got your meaning. One time when I was driving around on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, i spotted a rope factory and it was a fascinating look at the process. Not sure where the leaves went, however.

          • ONLYJB1

            Mulch probably. Very little thc. The plants are grown strictly for the strength of their fibers.

  • Dennis

    You are a troubled individual and if you keep telling people that they need to start killing other people you leave yourself open to the same end, only maybe you hadn’t thought about people killing you back! It would happen.

    • ctroop

      Dennis … “killing them back” will NEVER happen where these cowardly loudmouts have their hate rallies. They always stay in the liberal “don’t-fight-back” areas of the country where their “leaders” are more concerned with legalizing weed than the safety of their citizens.

  • This one needs to be in jail for threatening to kill other people because of their political viewpoint. This is absolutely inciting others to kill people who they simply disagree with. I consider this a direct and threat on my life and the lives of the members of my family and friends. It might be time to finally arm myself and family members to protect ourselves from this dirt bag and others that he has incited to do violence. Certainly, I am not the only one who sees this as a direct threat to our lives and the members of our families. Those kind of threats need to be taken seriously because sooner or later, one of this persons associates will be incited to do just what was said.

    • BonLovesFreedom

      Hi Rick Bauer ~ Yes, agree with you 100%. Our 1st Amendment does not include threatening people’s lives as “free speech”. Hope you seriously become able to defend yourself and your family/loved ones very, very soon. This woman in the video is despicable and a bigot. She will surely run into big trouble.

  • Eric

    Some/many BLM street thugs belong in jail. At the center of their little club is a lie that these ignorant animals can’t/won’t get past. The best and easiest thing to do is ignore these half-wits.

  • 4USA2

    All these kinds of violent people should spend at least ONE FULL YEAR in a padded cell in a mental asylum while they are treated for their LOONIES. This behavior is ridiculous and shouldn’t be tolerated AT ALL, EVER!

    • ctroop

      4USA2 … A pretty good idea but with only temporary results. As a more lasting solution I prefer napalm.

  • ctroop

    You ever notice how these loud-mouth, chicken-shit, knuckle-dragging primates are ALWAYS talking their impotent, meaningless trash in the most liberal infested parts of the country? Where limp-wristed politicians and their nutless police chiefs and sheriffs order their peace officers to stand back and do nothing?

  • Irvan

    They need to start jailing these ASS’ for threats. Better yet just shoot the bastards. The world would be better off without these SH**HEADS.

  • ncgal

    This one needs to be charged for threatening the lives of people. George Soros is paying these idiots to go out and act like fools. I hope the police are keeping up with all that’s going on and when they can, they will arrest many of the law breakers. Pray for America.

  • clem

    1) Declare blm a Terrorist organization, 2) Freeze the assets of anyone funding the terrorist’s ( George Soros) 3) Arrest those that are doing the funding for conspiracy.

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