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Liberals grow even more violent with bloody riots in California

Image via Twitter (@RealJack)

Image via Twitter (@RealJack)

Controversial Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopolous was scheduled to speak at the University of California, Berkeley on Wednesday, but his speech was forcibly canceled when a group of violent liberals set the campus on fire in protest.


The university said fires were set, including one caused by a firebomb that ignited a generator-powered spotlight, and commercial-grade fireworks were thrown at police. NBC Bay Area showed a group of people grab a metal barricade and smash it against a door.

“The violence was instigated by a group of about 150 masked agitators who came onto campus and interrupted an otherwise non-violent protest,” UC Berkeley said in a statement. Some people were attacked and police treated six people for injuries, the university said.

The campus was put on lockdown and students were told to shelter in place. Among the violence that occurred: a young woman was pepper-sprayed in the face during a live TV interview; a Trump supporter was beaten unconscious with steel pipes; people were attacked in their cars; and liberals shot fireworks into the speech venue in hopes of setting the building on fire.

Berkeley College Republicans invited Yiannopolous to speak in order to combat a liberal “groupthink phenomenon” that has taken hold of the university. After the speech was canceled, the group released a disheartening statement:

“The Free Speech Movement is dead. Today, the Berkeley College Republicans’ constitutional right to free speech was silenced by criminals and thugs seeking to cancel Milo Yiannopoulos’ tour.”

As it’s been proven time and time again, liberals only value free speech when it conforms to their ideology.

  • Dk


  • horphmyre

    The right to protest is one thing, but when obvious bandits appear on the scene, it’s time to pull out all the stops and round them up before…well, before what just happened, happens. There is no reason for police to just stand back and let them have control. None of the protesters had to attend the meeting. No one forced them to accept what Yiannoppoulos had to say. But their attitude is we don’t like what you think, so we don’t want you to be able to say what you think to anyone else. I find that incorrigible. Close the university until the board of trustees can higher some qualified professors to teach these kids some manners.

    • WVF

      These are paid criminals. George Soros is the employer. It’s time to take Georgie Sorass down!

      • Low Cover

        Yes. That is a proven fact. He won’t be around much longer.

        • WVF

          Yes, it is a proven fact that this man is guilty of sedition. I hope he’s not around much longer, but he has a minion son who is supposed to be just as bad.

  • catfish

    How about a giant pepper spray cannon to spray the whole bunch of masked maurauders when first seen

    • Low Cover

      No, fill the cannons with canister rounds

  • WVF

    Does this mean that liberals are not tolerate anymore? Say it isn’t so! Dear God, how can we all go on?


    I have to agree rioting is done in the name of the Democratic Party, but not by them, it may be Tea Party hold overs…. As for free speech Trump and Bannon would like nothing more than to curtail free speech. They are appalled when not every one is marching in line. Reminds me of a history lesson from Germany in the 1930s

    • WVF

      This comment is total stupidity!


    In the end, the democommies will destroy themselves.

  • scott

    why is no one killing these terrorists.they are enemys and terrorists of america.if the were conservatives they would all be shot.but since the entire system is communist and corrupt.the nazis get a free ride to destroy our country.anyone calling themselves liberal or democrat needs to be shot on sight and elliminated from our country.

  • Eric

    Liberal idiots! They have no care at all for anyone but themselves… and they claim to be so tolerant and concerned for others. Hypocrites, all of them… and they continue to wonder why their candidate lost the election last Fall! LOL.

  • General “Bull” Krapper

    “150 masked agitators”? — Gee, sounds alot like another hooded Dem lib organization. Ya know the ones that wore white hoods.


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