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Farage slams globalists for doubting Trump


British politician Nigel Farage, who represents South East England in the European Parliament, dropped a truth bomb on the EU Commission on Wednesday.

While many unelected European bureaucrats have spent the last week criticizing President Donald Trump’s immigration ban, the fact of the matter is they’ve done absolutely nothing to prevent radical Islamic terrorism in Europe.

Watch Farage call out the hypocrites below:

  • spartacus

    go nigel go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • skipsart

    Who was the little chump behind Nigel with the sign?

  • Vinuzzo

    “Good dog, Nigel, waggy tail and beg, for we’re putting you to sleep at 3 of the clock, Nigel.” John Lennon.

  • jerry1944

    At least some want to keep there country out of muslumm hand By getting out of the EU they made a good start

  • BonLovesFreedom

    Good to know Farage recognizes reality. We shall see if the invitation to speak in Parliament is extended to President Trump. The Brits better get Brexit moving or the citizens are going to rise up and there will be trouble (as Parliament is dragging it’s feet to complete exiting).

  • Cathy Loesch

    Love Farage. He speaks the truth! People all over are distrusting their governments and favor leaders who say what they are doing, and DO IT!

    Why, exactly, is there only outrage when Trump puts a travel ban on the same countries Obama did!

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