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A Toast to California’s Secession


There’s been a lot of talk recently about California seceding from the union. It’s akin to Hollywood celebs vowing to move out of the country if a Republican wins the White House. Meaning that it’s all bluster. Those who extol the virtues of the People’s Republic of California love to make hollow threats, but they possess neither the courage nor the financial resources to back them up.

If California were ever on its own, within six months of its “independence” it would be unable to function at even a survival level. Though it boasts the sixth largest economy in the world (larger than that of both Brazil and France!), there’s no economy big enough to keep a Marxist country afloat. This has been demonstrated time and again in such failed nations as Cuba, the Soviet Union, Mozambique, and every other country that has experimented with socialism/communism in any of its hideous forms.

The majority of California’s adult population consists of adult-children whose brains have never developed beyond adolescence. They cling to a stunted Woodstock mentality that makes them incapable of rational thought, which, if not addressed professionally, has the potential to be fatal. They live in an Oz-like land of constant frustration, which causes them to resort to tantrums and violence as the combined solution to every perceived problem.

Image Credit: Thomas Wolf CC by SA de

Image Credit: Thomas Wolf CC by SA de

The bottom line to all this is that a majority of Californians are not able to function as self-sustaining adults in the real world, so they irrationally dedicate themselves to the impossible task of trying to remake our imperfect world into a perfect world they create in their soiled minds.

Such an immature and naïve mental state can have dire consequences not only for the individual who is saddled with it, but for rational people of goodwill who live in the same societal space as they do. It’s dangerous to everyone, because those who are part of the Radical Left, in particular, employ lies, slander, and violence day-in-and-day-out in an attempt to achieve their impossible goal of creating the perfect world they envision in their minds.

I lived in Southern California for about 20 years, and I loved it for about ten of those years. It was a period when seemingly everything that happened was wonderful — meeting and marrying the most beautiful, kindest, most caring woman in the world, enjoying my four children as they progressed through grade school, middle school, and high school, rising from oblivion to the pinnacle of the book-publishing world by writing and self-publishing two New York Times #1 bestsellers, and much, much more.

But as we rolled into the eighties, the glitzy lifestyle of Los Angeles began to lose its appeal for me. Being surrounded by millions of Hollywood types and, worse, wannabe Hollywood types, became a painful daily task. I grew tired of seeing people with no visible means of support driving Rolls-Royces and living in rented mansions.

Above all, the left-wing political craziness and political correctness began to wear me down. I got tired of debating low-information people — and, worse, no-information people — and increasingly found myself withdrawing from the outside world.

I slowly faced up to the reality that people in Southern California had a collective mental disorder that caused them to talk and act in ways that was completely foreign to how the rest of the nation thought or behaved.

I remember many years ago Paul Newman saying that “Los Angeles is like a beautiful lady dying of cancer.” Notwithstanding his liberal credentials, Newman nailed it. For sheer luxury and beauty, it’s hard to beat Beverly Hills, Holmby Hills, and Bel Air, but, with just a few exceptions, most of the rest of Los Angeles is a sewer.

I became convinced, and today am certain, that California cannot be saved. It long ago passed the tipping point, and is now a giant left-wing cauldron boiling over with hatred, intolerance, and violence. It’s gigantic GDP can’t save it, because when GDP in California increases, it always brings with it an increase in welfare benefits. The Sacramento beast has an insatiable appetite for vote-buying entitlements, regulations, and illegal schemes.

That said, given that the national debt can never repaid — and, in fact, is going to increase dramatically in the coming years — I favor killing two birds with one stone and settling our debt with our largest creditor, China, by giving it title to the state of California outright — lock, stock, and illegal immigrants. Then, let Sacramento figure out how to deal with its new Asian rulers who don’t take kindly to liberal ideas like sanctuary cities, rioting, and welfare fraud.

As I’ve written about before, it’s inevitable that the United States will ultimately break into several nations, but right now just getting the People’s Republic of California out of our lives and out of our pocketbooks would be a real boost to the average American’s morale.

So, with that delicious thought in mind, I invite you to join me in a toast to California’s secession — voluntarily or forced, I’m not particular.

This is a guest post by Robert Ringer an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.
  • WVF

    It’s all talk, and there will be no action.

  • jerry1944

    The country couldnt be that lucky .But if they did it sure would save us lots of tax dollars And we had better make it where they couldnt come to our country without a blue card and make it very very hard for there lib selfs to get one

  • Fred Barton

    To be fair, there should be a bidding war between China and Mexico–Possibly Russia, as Russia had a historical stake in the land years ago. Mexico probably can’t get it, since they haven’t the resources of the other two, but it is not impossible–smaller entities have taken over larger ones. And Mexico is used to unruly domains.

  • Clete Tacker

    Fruitifornia is full of a bunch of age wise not mentality wise adults that weren’t told no or they were wrong growing up, as a result we see the whining tantrums of grown children on display daily. These are the same bunch of liberal whiners that berated and ridiculed those in Texas that spoke of secession from the liberal insanity, now they speak of secession and they say it is perfectly rational, more liberal hypocricy on display. I think they see their insane liberal control going by the wayside and are freaking out that their illogical liberal idea of American life has been largely rejected by the majority of normal thinking LEGAL American citizens. Time to Trump the liberal insanity.

  • pappy450

    NOW there was a vote to make N.Y. State to be the NEXT “Sanctuary State”..I KNEW it wouldn’t take cuomo long to follow suit..He has the same intelligence that “moonbeam brown” has ….NOT MUCH. Just another “king” ,”supreme ruler”, “dictator” wanna-be. Just typical scumocrat/communist /liberal BS. Just looking for more scumocrat voters to “use”

    • Everett Conrad

      He is a power hungry socialist/liberal/Marxist/ just like Hillary…


    Know what a Burger King whooper with cheese cost in LA? Add fries and a drink and you are pushing $15.00! Oh, plus tax! Calexit is the same as Hollyexit. All talk, no action! Pussyified communist!

  • BonLovesFreedom

    Someone explain why folks in CA keep voting numbskull moonbeam (Brown) into office. He has made a shamble of that beautiful state and it is sickening. Been 15 years since visited CA and will certainly not be going back any time soon. However, do not want to see China be in charge of it – waaay too close to other states for that. Withdraw all federal funds, every penny, and see what happens. If unable to follow laws and the Constitution, be loyal and patriotic to your own country or be dependent upon government all your life – you sure don’t deserve millions upon millions of taxpayer’s money.

    • Everett Conrad

      Mostly illegals keep the idiots in office and the queers. A lot more there than we know of. Most have still not come out of the closet..

  • I like the idea. Let them go, if it’s China, dangerous, or just on their own, also dangerous. Not all Californians are bad, just overwhelming most. Much of our debt would be gone if it wasn’t for propping up commifornia.

  • Dennis B Anderson

    I want California to bail on the rest of the country. Anyone living there will not have the protection of our constitution. You will no longer be getting welfare, or food stamps. You dumb bastards watching Oprah in your Tu – tus are going to have to get yourselves a real job thats being deported to Mexico. HA – HA – HA. You will take citizenship of Mexico!
    Audios, and we will call you = The land of malattos & ghettos! Before its over you will be snatching children from womens arms to barbeque. Now hurry up I see a tax break coming
    our way!

  • Everett Conrad

    Not to mention how many queers would move there from other states to be with their kind. But we all know IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN…

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