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Watch Mitch McConnell Shut Down Elizabeth Warren for Attack on Jeff Sessions


Hours after staging a 24-hour talkathon against Betsy DeVos’ nomination for education secretary, Senate Democrats were back at it Tuesday night. This time, Republicans had the last word.

As the Senate debated the nomination of Sen. Jeff Sessions for attorney general, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., delivered a blistering critique. She accused Sessions of trying to “chill the free exercise of the vote by black citizens.”

That’s when Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell stepped in to call out Warren for violating Senate Rule 19—impugning the motives and conduct of Sessions.

The Senate proceeded to vote, 49-43, prohibiting Warren from speaking throughout the remainder of the debate on Sessions.

Originally published at The Daily Signal

  • daves

    Republicans decided Senator Warren shouldn’t be allowed to talk.

    • Rancor Lautner

      LibTard fake information

    • eddiebjr

      They just had enough lying bulllsht from Lie-awatha.

      • Rancor Lautner

        Lie-awatha! Hilarious and accurate! 1st time I’ve heard that one.

  • Ahmed F. Hosny

    With adults in the Room, she should be seen (or not) but not heard.

  • Rancor Lautner

    Finally, LibTards get shut down when they spew their noxious, anti-American lies.

    Today’s Extremist, delusional,anti-American Democrat playbook is:

    Pro-Voter Fraud
    Pro-Late term, Born Alive and Partial Birth Abortions
    Pro-Islamic Terrorists
    Pro-Illegal immigration
    Pro-Open Borders
    Pro-Anarchist violence
    Pro-Giving American Jobs to Illegal’s
    Anti-Guns for Law Abiding Citizens
    Pro-Guns for Criminals
    Anti-Incarceration of Criminals
    Pro-Welfare Dependence
    Pro-Holding Minorities Down
    Anti-Israel, Pro IslamoFacist
    Anti-Law Enforcement
    Anti-American Military
    Pro-Spreading Central American Diseases Here
    Pro-Sending American Jobs Overseas
    Pro-Huge Gluttonous Wasteful Government Controlling All Aspects of Our Lives
    Pro-Seize and Redistribute honest gains
    Anti-Energy Independence
    Pro-Cap and Trade Skyrocketing Energy Taxes

    • Don White

      And republicans are;

      Pro-mentally ill having possession of assault weapons.
      Pro-$17 million taxpayer give away to wall-street.
      Pro Coal and Big oil can dump toxic waste in streams.
      Pro- Firing and insulting judges that tell you what is legal and constitutional.
      Pro-Taking away 30 million peoples insurance.
      Pro Price gouging big pharmaceutical
      Pro Appointing unqualified people for the job.
      Pro-Government involved in every aspect of your life.
      Pro- EPA pick sued over thousands of undisclosed records.
      Pro-Lying about being buddies with putin.
      Pro- Worshiping putin.
      Pro- Lying about murder rate being higher than ever.
      Pro-Stripping S.S., S.S.D., Medicare, Medicare and food stamps.
      Pro tax cuts for the billionaires.
      Pro-Women should serve their man breakfast in bed on Sunday mornings.
      Pro-Screwing golf course members $45 million and pay a fine of $5.77 million.
      Pro-Cutting solar energy despite it creating 1 in 50 jobs.
      Pro-Claming unemployment is over 40%.
      Pro-Making money off thePresidency.
      Pro-Saling off 3.3 million of government land.
      Pro-Purchas an appointment to be over education for 41,100,000.00
      PRO-Showing no respect to your wife on your big day.
      Pro- Department of labor head hiring undocumented immigrants.
      Pro-Wasting billions of taxpayer dollars on a worthless law.
      Pro-Lying about voter fraud wile calling for putin to hack the competition.
      Pro-Bringing your own studio ordinance to applaud your CIA meeting.
      Pro-Being closet gays and molesting kids like speaker dennis Hastert
      Pro Kake News
      Damn I could go on for hours.

      • Teresa

        Half the stuff you mentioned there are democratic ideas go figure

        • Don White

          Please point out what ones. Because I got each item from the news. I would like to know what half was reported wrong. So I can correct the list . Pleas give your news source. And not the typical republican stunt of someone told me …. That is not real news

  • wildeagleone

    The broad is as ugly as she is stupid and is the exact reason this country needs her to run for the top spot in 2020 which will give the Repubs another 4 years, hands down

  • Rancor Lautner

    Lie-awatha (Thanks eddiebjr for that one!) and the pro illegal lobby are:

    • Valuing illegals above lawful immigrants and US citizens.
    • Taking your hard earned tax dollars and social security contributions and using them for illegals.
    • Undermining the middle class by allowing illegals to undercut their wages and steal their jobs.
    • Rewarding criminals who knowingly lied and cheated.
    • Destroying your kids financial futures.
    • Blatantly discriminating against prospective lawful immigrants by blocking them from entry and jobs.
    • Undermining our laws and border security.
    • Bringing in hazardous diseases risking your health.
    • Encouraging a wide open southern border with a continuous invasion of illegals, dragging the US economy down to that of their native countries.

  • Rancor Lautner

    How LibTard snowflakes (especially Lie-awatha Warren) have been spending their off-hours since Billary lost the election:

    Wanque, wanque, wanque; &*#%ing PRESIDENT Donald Trump!

    Wanque, wanquity, wanque, wanque,wanquity, wanque, wanque; Jeff Beauregard Sessions,,SHRIEK!

    Wanque, wanquity, wanque, wanque, wanque, wanque; &*#%ing Putin and Julian Assange! SHRIEK!

    Wanquity, wanque, wanque, wanque; &*#%ing Conservatives aka Patriots! SHRIEK!

    Wanquity, wanque, wanque, wanque, wanquity, wanque, wanque, wanque, wanque, wanque, wanque, wanque, wanque; WHY DIDN’T PUTIN HACK &*#%ing REPUBLICANS LIKE HE PROMISED Bwana Barry!!??? SHRIEK!

    Wanquity, wanque, wanque, wanque, wanquity, wanque, wanque, wanque, wanque, wanque, wanque, wanque, wanque, wanquity, wanque, wanque, wanque, wanque!!!! SHRIEK!

    LibTard majority states report dnagerously low supplies of batteries, lube, tissues and stain remover,but mostly…TRUTH!

  • Name

    It was great to watch her get shut down and then all the crying .

  • stick

    Well the video is a report from CNN which we all know lies and is liberal controlled so I am not
    surprised at what Warren was trying to pull. It’s time for Demmies to sit down and shut the f**k
    up and Trump get n with his Presidency. I think the dummies oops demmies quit trying to do
    things their way listen to the people who matter> namely us, we the people. Seeing as how the
    people in Trump’s cabinet are going to be shaping our government we should have some voice
    as it is going to effect us.

  • Ken Sanford

    She needs to shutup along with Rosie, Whoopie and Nancy Pelosi. They are all stupid idiots who will not accept the fact that Donald won and Hilary lost.


    As list posted by “Rancor Lautner”, what wonderful imagination you have. I think you forgot that some of us are concerned with Global Warming also. But, I’m glad you didn’t miss that we are “Anti-success” ’cause that’s what we are!! SHF

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