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Cartoon: Aiding and Abetting


Judge Robart gave ISIS terrorists cover to come into the United States with his ruling.  Check out the latest Branco Toon and share with your friends.



    As the communist rules against OUR Constitution and the oath of office that the POTUS takes! Stop playing to this guy and his followers! Take him out! He is part of the enemy! Pull that swamp plug!


    Wow, you said “Take him out!” that IS what we are expecting from the alt right. I guess YOU would think that is the Christian way to do things.

    • Bill Steffen

      And the “alt left” just sends 150 thugs to vandalize and beat people up in Berkeley.

  • wellilltellya

    sure is getting easy to tell the judges that have altenate ADJENDA for AMERICA ? and does NOT seem to have the best INTEREST for AMERICA at hand ? seems they are working for an alternate outcome ? why are they allowed to bring known terrorists into our country ? why do they still have a job?they cannot be any less AMERICAN

  • Robert

    You want the laws of this country followed but when the ruling does not agree with you you want the messenger shot. In a court of law you have to prove your facts opinions have never been allowed in court proceedings, and there were no facts to prove anyone banned was a threat. So the judge is supposed to take someones word for something in court, I have set through many court hearing and never have I seen a court where the opinion of any one was taken as evidence., except in Medical testimony where the person is considered an expert which I do not think the President has that label of expert on terrorism.
    Learn how the system works and you just might get your 3rd grader next door to explain it to you in terms you under stand.

    • Irvan

      Are you by any chance the “ROBERT” that issued the injunction, or just a relative………DINGBAT?

  • jerry1944

    Maybe we should let these judges and there family have a close meeting with these muslummm thugs They need to be gone from our country since they think they are the law and dont have to work with the rest of the system

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