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Video: O’Reilly’s ominous warning. Muslim terrorists are here.


Liberals don’t seem to believe that radical Islam is a problem. Furthermore, they don’t seem to see any danger in letting in as many refugees and immigrants as America can take.

Well, Bill O’Reilly has some news: there are guerrilla Muslim warfare groups currently training right here in the United States. Watch the video below.

  • pappy450

    SO when in the HELL are we going to get these training “camps” going to be closed and theses radicals ARRESTED.? OR are we going to wait until they start chopping off heads and blowing people up? Time for the LIBERAL COMMUNIST FREAKS to get their heads OUT of their butts and do something before it is too late.

    • WVF

      Now, now, we must be careful, because we might offend one of these Islamist Muslim Killers.

      • pappy450

        Yes “carefully” TARGET the camps and ELIMINATE THE THREATS. We have the technology and the weapons to do so.. AND these are ” foreign enemies” on OUR “domestic” soil.
        Time for the President/Congress/Law enforcement to do THEIR job and live up to their oath of office. Protect the “We the people” of America from enemies foreign or domestic.

        • WVF

          I believe we can count on President Trump, but the Congress is a different matter. We have 535 of the most spineless human beings on the planet!

          • pappy450

            Oh how TRUE your statement IS! All afraid of LOSS of MONEY,POWER, and CONTROL. PRESIDENT TRUMP is the fly in their ointment for sure!
            Congress is terrified that “We the People” will finally have a SAY in how this “government” operates, as it SHOULD HAVE BEEN ALL ALONG (according to the CONSTITUTION) You know that piece of paper that has been STOMPED on by oscumbag and his minions for 8 LONG years.

    • Sandra Heiser

      Don’t you get it, they are part of it. That’s why all the protests now. Trump was not suppose to win.

      • pappy450

        Oh I “get it”. IF HITLERY “won” SHE would have already have a cabinet in place and “We the People” would be under more TYRANNY than we have EVER been. The “poor little communist snowflakes” just couldn’t handle it (their “queen” LOST) BUT too bad Mr. TRUMP WON, thanks to voters coming out in DROVES and overcame the cheating, rigging, multiple votes, and allowing ILLEGALS to vote.

    • daledor

      The liberals want America destroyed.

      Traditional liberals and traditional conservatives were friends TRUE AMERICANS. They were like two sides of a coin different but joined until socialist liberals encamped the USA.

      Difference between the ‘rare’ traditional liberal and socialist liberals – one is down to earth and the other in outer space. One is unifying with conservative and the other are anarchists out to destroy America and promote the New World Order.

      NOTICE NOW how the RINO’s STAND OUT against most anything our new non NWO president does along with their socialist DEMONCAT buddies. Playing both sides but Identical.The epitomy of the Hegellian Dialectic trying to move America away from freedom to global control by the NWO elitists.


        Let’s npt forget the PRIC’s, Progressive Republicans In Congress… They can’t get on their knees fast enough to appease the uber-left

        • daledor

          Progressive is a high sounding term to deceive. The perception is that one either is ‘old hat’ fixed sticks in the mud or progressive ‘enlightened’ set on improving society. It is the same Hegellian DIalectic posturing that either one is a progressive leftist or right wing hate mongering extremist – to move people towards the left, slowly swallowing the poison until one is in compliance to be sheep controlled by the New World Order.

          The great illusion is that the progressive RINO left and Progressive Demoncat Party are the good guys when they are the enemy of freedom, out to push the NWO controllers into full control.

    • Kathy Murrayleisure

      Please read the 2016 paperback book BOSTON STRONG: Marathon bombing tragedy, about the April 15, 2013, finish line blasts (2), and today’s survivors w artificial limbs. Remember how all of us including Obama’s FBI slept when the Russian investigators warned us about the Tsarnaevs’ radical Islam SINCE 2011 from the 2 brothers and their fanatic mother. Let’s open our eyes, folks!

      • pappy450

        As long as there are SCUMOCRAT/RINO/COMMUNISTS allowed to do what they do, (soros, bloomberg, schumer, pelosi, and MANY other “players”) Nothing will ever stop. I just watched on National TV that even though the “powers that be” KNOW of Islamic “training camps”, “no go” areas FULL of radical Islamists, mosques preaching jihad, just to name a “few things”…NO ONE can “DO” anything until something “happens” (by then it is too late) And THEN all they get is a slap on the wrist by a pantywaist liberal ‘judge” and let go to do it all over again. It is looking more and more that WE the PEOPLE just may have NO CHOICE to step up and protect ourselves, because the Law sure as HELL ISN’T going to do anything about it. (just look at these anarchists and black lies matter, and SOROS “professional protestors” OPENLY trashing personal property while Law enforcement stands there watching with their thumbs up their butts, afraid they might “offend” someone or some “group” and get “reported” on the “news”.) I am afraid that WHEN the People have had enough, the CRAP WILL HIT THE FAN and there WILL be blood in the streets, and it ISN’T far off.


          Unfortunately, that will be the left’s “SEE, I told you so” moment. They refuse to see how they themselves ARE the enablers. As long as they get their life long vote and enact their NWO/Globalization, all is good with them.

          The ALT-Left (or UBER left) is as much to blame as the radicals. Let’s not leave out the millennials and the minions (lemmings) that mindlessly follow.

          • pappy450

            The “millennials” and their minions have been indoctrinated by the left-wing “teachers” and “professors” TO mindlessly follow. This is all financed by the likes of SOROS and HIS minions that no one seems to want to put a stop to because of all that MONEY he is pouring in to these agitators to keep this country in unrest…STOP the funds, FREEZE his assets, ARREST him for inciting riots, and throw his worthless butt in a prison cell (along with any other ones in his “organizations” responsible.) The “protests” will be slowed down when they don’t have the money or the transportation to do what they do.

  • Name

    What the HELL is this? You start to play the video then when O’Reilly says number 1 it comes up the media can not be played.

    • WVF

      I was able to view the entire 5:16 minute piece. Anyway there are active training facilities all over the U.S. openly training to kill Americans, and other than monitoring them, nothing is being done about it.

      • Name

        Thank you. I knew about the training camps and have asked why nothing was being done considering the FEDs killed men, women and kids at Waco for no real reason than they believed it was a cult, and these were Americans.

        • WVF

          I recall watching that entire horrific scene on TV. We can thank Janet “killer” Reno and William Jefferson Clinton for murdering all those innocent men, women, and children. Not too long after that, they murdered more innocent Americans at Ruby Ridge.


    You think Billy Boy? Real terrorist have slipped into our country right under the obama radar? The sky is falling! Nope we simply round them all up and send them back home!!!!!! Dah.

  • WVF

    Wow! The Bloviator-in-Chief has discovered this?! I’m shocked, shocked I tell you. This should be a Fox News Alert! Now, Billy, tell us something we didn’t know. Oh, and yes, aren’t you happy you gave Barack Hussein Barry Soetoro a chance?

  • Lorraine E

    After 8 years of having an illegal alien muslim president importing as many unvetted muslims as possible there are probably muslim terrorists in every corner of our country just waiting for a signal to start a jihad. That is why every American needs to be armed to protect themselves and their family. We will not know which ones are here to kill us until they receive their order to begin the jihad and we had better be able to defend ourselves when that day comes. Purchase as many guns and as much ammo as you can possibly afford.

  • Dk

    I too believe there will be something big happen soon and many will die. Unfortunately the media will make sure everybody “know” that nothing happened under obamas watch and only he (or clinton) could protect us. One more thing the progressive media will hang around trumps neck while many suffer.

  • william g munson

    more hog grease to be used no doubt and spread it all around and dead bones too

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