Twitter users hilariously shred Sarah Silverman over swastika hoax claim


There’s an episode of the popular Netflix comedy series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt in which Kimmy’s hippie landlord, Lillian, mistakes a Verizon FiOS surveyor mark for a gang graffiti tag.

Now, essentially the same thing has happened in real life — only ten times worse.

On Sunday, liberal loudmouth and noted Bernie Sanders supporter Sarah Silverman was aghast to find apparent swastikas painted “all over a sidewalk in the town I’m in”:

No normal person would see those markings and think Neo-Nazis had vandalized the town — it’s pretty clear that they’re surveyor markings. But as Silverman is a comedian, there was a chance that she was just making a terrible joke.

But she wasn’t. She legitimately thought they were swastikas, as later she tweeted:

The ridicule on Twitter was instant — and it came from both sides:


  • Karll

    Unfunny dolt.

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