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Cartoon: Cracked up


Faux-cahontas should be more careful when she goes after the character of other Senators.  Check out the latest Branco Toon and share with your friends.



  • Jerry

    If these socialist left wingers of the Democratic Party continue to drive their socialist propaganda to a point of civil war in our country, and I believe that could be a possibility, they will likely find themselves eliminated by the armed militias of the central and southern states. When I lived in Georgia I met conservative hill people that said there is a silent militia that has members throughout the southern states that will rise to take over our country if the government ever succeeds in trying to take their weapons. There are a lot of very angry conservatives and constitutionalists in the midwest and southern states that tend to not raise a stink, but if driven too far will likely take up arms to defend our country from radical islam AND radical socialists. It might be wise for them to give it a rest for a couple of years and give the Trump and Republican administration/congress a chance to see what they can do to bring our affairs back to civility and law and order.

  • wellilltellya

    WHY do we have senators WORKING on a totally oposite ADJENDA than what we the people want ? we DID NOT elect HER to constantly detain the rest of the country from obtaining TRANQUILITY AND UNITY as the UNITED states of AMERICA, not HER DIVIDED STATES of AMERICA ? she needs to get aboard or find a NEW career

    • Chi Sam

      The common word ‘agenda’ ought not be a struggle for any adult…and the all caps makes it appear that you are boasting of your stupidity.

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