Cartoon: Does Size Matter?


When most of your crowd are unemployed layabouts living in Mom’s basement it’s easy to get numbers.  Check out the latest Branco Toon and share with your friends.



  • Knowitall

    This says it all. Doesn’t anyone ever think, “Don’t these buttheads have anything better to do, like WORK?”

  • daves

    It was just 6 months ago your guys and President Trump were boasting about crowd sizes saying that Trump rallies had far bigger crowds. Is it because only unemployed people showed up?


    • Ed Panzella

      They showed up at scheduled rallies that they could plan for. Protest schedules are only known to the one’s paying the protesters.

      • daves

        50 million women across the world were paid to show up on the first Saturday after the election?

  • jerry1944

    Got that one right

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