You’ll be sick when you see the shocking condition Obama left our existing border fence

Source: Government Accountability Office, Public Domain

Source: Government Accountability Office, Public Domain

Illegals dug under, walked through and even drove over, miles of existing border fences left neglected under Obama.

That’s according to a report released this month by the Government Accountability office which finds that, despite spending $4.84 million per mile to repair border fence, conditions of some parts allow illegals to easily pass through.

There are currently 705 miles of total fencing along some of the most-crossed parts of the U.S.-Mexico border. Under the Obama administration, neglect and restrictions on Border Patrol agents’ authority rendered much of that fencing useless.

Between 2011 and 2016, only 14.1 miles of that fence was replaced, at a total cost of $68.26 million, or $4.84 million per mile, the GAO reports.

Much more fencing needs to be replaced or repaired, as illegals are cutting through, digging under, walking over, or, in some cases, driving cars over the fence.

Specifically, the report states:

According to our analysis of these data, illegal entrants breached legacy pedestrian fencing at an average rate of 82 breaches per fence mile, compared to an average of 14 breaches per fence mile of modern pedestrian fencing. Agents we spoke with in the El Paso sector explained that creating breaches in legacy pedestrian fencing requires less effort compared to modern designs, and can be done using bolt or pipe cutters. In addition, these agents also described observing illegal entrants cutting and dragging sections of vehicle fencing off the border and illegally entering the United States in vehicles. Agents we spoke with in the Tucson sector also told us that while pedestrian fencing is generally easier to breach, they have also observed breaches in more modern fence designs, including bollard fence, which agents stated were cut using portable power tools.

Agents we spoke with in these sectors also described witnessing illegal entrants defeating border fencing through other methods. For example, agents we spoke with in the Tucson sector told us they have witnessed illegal entrants attempting to use ramps to drive vehicles up and over vehicle fencing in the sector as well as burrowing under legacy pedestrian fencing… In addition, agents in the Tucson sector stated that illegal entrants scale the taller pedestrian fencing designs, such as bollard fencing. In contrast, agents we spoke with in the San Diego sector stated that some segments of legacy fencing are low and that they have witnessed illegal entrants jumping over the fence.

  • marcus johannes

    I live in Cochise County , Arizona , We are being invaded and it needs to stop !!!!

  • Knowitall

    I still say a “Free Fire Zone” on either side of the Boarder. With a moat filled with every venomous creature alive.

  • Karll

    A wall or fence only has limited worth if it’s not reconnoitered daily
    and repaired when needed.
    Border personnel need to be beefed up as well.

  • william g munson

    He choose to do this because he wanted to DESTROY the USA and was doing a great job too

  • Cora Bird

    If we end all free government assistance (even in California) that they are given and instate mandatory eVerify to stop employers from hiring illegals, the flow may slow down.

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