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The MSM is ignoring this huge Trump accomplishment

Photo: Pixabay (CC0)

Photo: Pixabay (CC0)

Donald Trump has already accomplished a great deal during his short time in office. However, his greatest accomplishment thus far had been completely ignored by the mainstream media.

Since Trump took office, an unprecedented number of sexual predators involved in child sex trafficking rings have been arrested:

There have been a staggering 1,500-plus arrests in one short month; compare that to less than 400 sex trafficking-related arrests in 2014 according to the FBI.

At a recent press conference, Trump called human trafficking a “dire problem” and said that, “Dedicated men and women across the federal government have focused on this for some time as you know — it’s been much more focused over the last four weeks.”

Here’s a rundown of what Trump’s crackdown on sexual predators has accomplished:

-On Jan. 27 authorities arrested 42 in a human trafficking operation in Tennessee.

-On Jan. 29 authorities announced that 474 were arrested in a statewide California human trafficking operation and 28 sexually exploited children were rescued.

108 were arrested from Jan. 18 to Feb. 5 in Illinois as part of a national sex trafficking sting operation.

178 people were arrested in Texas for sex trafficking in sting that operated in January till Super Bowl Sunday.

16 people were arrested in January in Michigan for sex trafficking during the Detroit Auto Show.

-In February, authorities arrested 11 in Virginia in a child sex sting.

 -On Feb. 14 the Polk County sheriff announced that 42 were arrested in Florida in child pornography related cases.
Again, the mainstream media has completely ignored this good done by Trump. Instead, they’ve chosen to demonize Milo Yinnapoulos for something he said years ago.
Yiannopoulos himself put it best: the mainstream media “cares nothing for real victims and only wants its ideological enemies destroyed.”
  • billorights

    Y’all need to read recent headlines before you go defending Milo Yiannopoulos!

    Yikes, how does anybody manage to spell his last name right?


    Better all do some fact checking before touting this one. This some of Donnie boy’s (thanks PLW) fake news. I guess the main stream media (MSM) isn’t the only one faking the news…

    • Allen

      The real news Mr. Troll is that your heroes are mostly kid diddlers and they get a free pass from your pals in the fake news media. Or is it that you are a kid diddler mr Sandhill farmer? I suspect you are.


    Wasn’t defending that guy. Was taking a jab at Donnie boy for his point of calling all things that aren’t of his narrow vision fake news. Remember that the more you say something the more true it becomes to the people.

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