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Trump effect? Illegal immigration plunges 27 percent in Jan

Photo: Public Domain

Photo: Public Domain

According to numbers released by Customs and Border Protection on Monday, illegal immigration across the southwest border took a nosedive in January:

The numbers are still high compared to past years — indeed, it’s the worst January in records dating back to 2012.

But total apprehensions of migrants trying to sneak across the border fell 27 percent on a month-to-month basis, to 31,575. And the number of inadmissible migrants who showed up at the southwest’s ports of entry fell 28 percent, to 10,899.

Apprehensions are deemed an indicator of the overall flow: The more people caught, the more are believed to be getting through.

Specifically, the number of Cubans showing up to demand entry into the U.S. fell from 5,000 in December to just 1,572 in January.

Is Donald Trump’s crackdown on illegal immigration finally turning the tide? It’s too early to tell, but the numbers look promising.

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