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Democrat congressional candidate: The rich plan to destroy Earth by dropping rocks from the Moon


A transgender Democrat congressional candidate is worried that corporations will militarize the moon.

No, really:

Brianna Wu, a prominent “social justice warrior” in the “Gamergate” controversy who now is running for the House seat in Massachusetts’ 8th District, suggested in a since-deleted tweet that companies could drop rocks from the Moon.

“The moon is probably the most tactically valuable military ground for earth,” the tweet said. “Rocks dropped from there have power of 100s of nuclear bombs.”

Aerospace company SpaceX announced Monday that it is planning to launch a tourism venture to the Moon in 2018. But Wu argued that “the idea of a private corporation having access to the moon should give you pause.”

Twitter responded accordingly.

Wu responded to their criticism by crying — what else? — sexism: “That’s the danger of being a woman on the internet!”

Sadly, Wu’s moon rock theory will not be the stupidest thing said this year by a Democrat congressional candidate.

  • Ahmed F. Hosny

    She must have studied at the same school as that Saudi “Scientist” who proved that the Earth does not turn. His proof: If the Earth turned you could take a helicopter, go up and wait for China to come under you.

    • skipsart

      LOL !!!

  • Ed Panzella

    It’s OK. We’ll just give weapons grade rocks to poor people and when the rich drop rocks from the moon we’ll wait the for moon to go by the bottom of the earth we’ll drop our rocks on them. Since there are more poor people than rich people, we’ll win the war.

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