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Report: Obama admin broke federal law to preserve Trump-Russia narrative

Photo: White House (Public Domain)

Photo: White House (Public Domain)

A bombshell New York Times report published Thursday indicates that in the final days of his presidency, Barack Obama’s administration did everything they could to preserve the alleged ties between Donald Trump and the Russian government, including breaking federal law:

According to The Times, after Obama asked for an investigation into Russian tampering into the elections, officials found some “damning” evidence.

A former intelligence official confirmed to Fox News that the Obama administration was determined to keep the Russian issue alive and data on Moscow’s election interference was circulated broadly.

The usual intelligence practice is to circulate assessments privately, but such was the gravity of Russia’s actions that there were two versions – one for the public to digest and the other classified, the former official said.

The New York Times reported that intelligence agencies pushed forward as much “raw” intelligence they could analyze. The intelligence reports were also reportedly labeled a low classification level, so they would be accessible to more government workers — and some European allies.

The Obama officials reportedly wanted to make sure that as many individuals — with the proper clearances — could see the intelligence. One of the tactics reportedly used was that officials asked pointed questions during intelligence briefings. The report said the answers to those questions are archived.

It is a felony to leak classified intel — which is exactly what the Obama administration did.

There has been no evidence uncovered that the Russian government influenced the 2016 elections. Yet the Obama administration was willing to break the law in order to push their anti-Trump narrative.

The liberal witch hunt for Russian ties among Trump’s advisers has already claimed the scalp of Michael Flynn, who was dismissed from his appointment as national security adviser. Now they’re going after Attorney General Jeff Sessions. But perhaps someone should look at the Obama administration.

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