Congress, Marco Rubio, Trump Protesters

Rubio’s Senate office evicted by landlord over fears of violence by liberal riot mobs

Photo: Michael Vadon/Flickr (cc by 2.0)

Photo: Michael Vadon/Flickr (cc by 2.0)

Leftwing protesters have succeeded in getting Sen. Marco Rubio evicted from his Tampa office:

Republican Sen. Marco Rubio is in need of a new Tampa office thanks to the work of left-wing protesters, who regularly staged loud demonstrations to the point that it was causing problems for other tenants in the building, according to The Tampa Bay Times.

The owner of the office building reportedly notified Rubio on Feb. 1 that they would not be renewing his lease, due to the protests, which were becoming a “a security concern.”

The Times reported that other tenants in the building were beginning to fear for their safety because of the protests. So instead of asking the protesters to knock it off, the owner kicked Rubio out. Makes perfect sense.

Liberal activists have become so insane that Rubio actually opted not to host a town hall late last month. “They are not town halls anymore,” he said; they’re just a forum for liberal protesters to scream and shout.

  • billorights

    Umm, did anyone think to call the police in Tampa, and have the protesters arrested for disturbing the peace? Guess not.

  • BonLovesFreedom

    More bass ackwards “justice” in this country the demonrats have turned nearly upside-down. Not a fan of Rubio, but wrong is still wrong.


    How about making sure that the attendees to the town hall meetings are actually residents of the district! Check ID’s and have non resident attendees removed as uninvited trespassers!!


    Is the building owner a DemoRAT or RepubliCON?

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