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This major conservative figure is recruiting Oprah to run against Trump

Photo: Drudge Report

Photo: Drudge Report

Conservative news king Matt Drudge thinks that Donald Trump vs. Oprah Winfrey in 2020 “would be the most epic race in American history.”

Matt Drudge issued a rare tweet Wednesday imploring Oprah Winfrey to launch a presidential bid against President Trump in 2020 after the talk-show star indicated she had reconsidered whether she could be president.

“Trump vs Oprah would be the most epic race in American history. MAKE THIS HAPPEN…” Drudge, the founder of the conservative Drudge Report, wrote in a tweet to his nearly 500,000 followers.

Winfrey told Bloomberg Media’s David Rubenstein that Trump’s victory made her reconsider her own ability to run for office.

Ironically, Trump previously floated the idea of picking Winfrey as his running mate for 2016, saying in 2015, “I think we’d win easily.”

To be sure, Winfrey would be more of a challenge for Trump than Elizabeth Warren.

  • skipsart

    LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jerry1944

    Sounds like Matt dont like this country , unless he is joking But he could mean we need to let hollywood run it YEEEK that would ruin the country for sure Especially when they want to leave the U S on there own

  • Bud William

    The best thing I can think of is: If someone belches out “If So and So wins the Election, I will leave the Country”.
    Fine, before the next election, why not pass a law that says “Anyone who make the threat to leave the country as a result of that statement”, they will be Deported. Should put an end to yappers.

  • Liberalbasher1955

    Is this a JOKE ?

    • harpo49

      not a funny one is it

  • BonLovesFreedom

    Heard about this yesterday, but never dreamed Drudge was tweeting for Oprah to run for POTUS in 2020. OMG!!! Why not Rosie O’Donnell? or maybe Madonna?? Maybe Drudge (and Trump) forgot how Oprah kissed dinglebarry’s behind so much a few years ago that Michael/Mitchell/Michelle was jealous and told Oprah to get lost. Just because she is a decent interviewer and articulate does not mean she would be a good POTUS…well, maybe for the demonrats she would be.

    • harpo49

      she is a fat cow can’t tell her and mooooshel apart

      • daves

        You are a sick human being.

        • harpo49

          thank you and i’m not ev3en a democrat

        • harpo49

          Just why would you say that?

          • daves

            You choose to insult Ms. Winfrey’s appearance. How about President Trump, does he pass your beauty qualifications?

  • Elaine Morris

    The, supposed, Convervative is NO LONGER a Conservative.
    Oprah was so loved and respected when she had her TV Show.
    Underneath, she has shown she is Liberal at heart.

    • harpo49

      that cow was a big reason that the idiot onumbnuts was elected

  • harpo49

    oh yeah a great idea a racist cow against a crazy person

  • Spoko

    Drudge! Just another RINO who loved being a slave to the obama administration so much that he would do anything to bring it back.

  • wellilltellya

    just what the elections need to make them into a circus,A CLOWN. I was really hopeing she would make good on her threat of leaving AMERICA, WHEN TRUMP WON? well there is perfect example of the TRUTH in her statements, and I thought AMERICA was done with liars in chief when barry the fairy and hillery were removed from office? not if opre gets involved?

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