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Judge helps drunk driving illegal alien flee courtroom to evade deportation

Photo: Linkedin

Photo: Linkedin

A judge in Oregon is accused of helping an illegal alien charged with a DUI to escape a courtroom where ICE agents were waiting to detain him:

Diddier Pacheco Salazar, 22, appeared before Judge Monica Herranz to plead guilty in a DUI case on January 27 in Multnomah County, Oregon.

Salazar entered the courtroom with his lawyer but never came back out again.

Herranz is now under internal investigation after U.S. Attorney Billy Williams accused the judge of letting Salazar leave through her private entrance after staff realized immigration and customs enforcement agents were waiting for him.

Herranz is on the board of the Oregon Hispanic Bar Association. Williams believes that Herranz or a member of her staff helped Salazar to escape through her private entrance to the courtroom.

Thankfully, Salazar was arrested two weeks later when he returned for another court appearance.

ICE chose not to pursue a criminal investigation against Judge Herranz.

  • Frank W Brown

    Another damn “ACTIVIST” judge that NEEDS recall!

  • Susan Borden

    Arrest, prosecute, then deport the judge along with the criminal illegal to whatever country of origin.

  • Knowitall

    Strip her of her judgeship then deport her as well.

  • jerry1944

    And why isnt she in jail . That is a crime and money are power shouldnt keep her out of prison But it does show why the ppl need to stat armed when judges lets the crooks go I bet if the cops had shot the thug if he tried to run she would want them in jail

  • Ima Barber

    The problem in this country lies in that last sentence.
    “ICE chose not to pursue a criminal investigation against Judge Herranz.”
    It will keep happening until examples are made of these ppeople!

  • Nancy Moody

    I wonder why ICE did not pursue charges against her. As long as judges are allowed to act in this manner with no consequences, they will continue. Disgraceful!


    Time to remove ALL hispanic “judges” from the bench! Is SHE here ILLEGALLY, TOO?!?!

    Birds of a feather flock together!

    Is “flock” the correct word for those who ignore our LAWS?

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