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VIDEO: Insane liberal sees Trump rally, begins shrieking like child


Liberalism grows more unhinged every day, and the proof is in this video.

A liberal social justice warrior is seen trying to shut down a Trump rally, by literally screaming like a two-year-old. She lifts both middle fingers in the air and shouts “F–K AMERICA!” before going into full nap time meltdown. She literally screams as loudly as she can, like a fussy toddler, hoping her tantrum will stop the rally.

As you see in the video, she miscalculated.

  • Charlie

    Most 2 year olds can throw a better tantrum. They do not, as a rule, use swear words. Poor snowflake. (Emphasis on ‘flake’.)

  • Eevie

    lol like an exorcism on her

  • Sharon Holmes


  • Kevin

    Couldn’t we just round these people up and send them to re-education camps?

  • Sammy

    The chant should have been “You A Hole”

  • tnetcenter

    What a LIEBERAL moron!!

  • eddiebjr

    What a maroon.

  • Robert Smith

    Don’t people have anything better to do, than surround some idiot and chant? I don’t really condone either, but what purpose does either serve?

  • Reverend Joe Ruyle

    The frightening thing is that she represents the people who feel that they are MUCH better qualified to run the country than the new administration.

    • Liberalbasher1955

      Not better qualified. Just BETTER in their minds. The PC cult is in their opinions. Better people than any other in this country.

      IMHO if you look close. 99% are either old hold overs from the early 70’s burn your bra era or young college educated white females turned into libernazi DRONES, by being bombarded by the PC culture since high school.

      If you’ve noticed in the last fifty years. It’s been the young white female that the libernazi left has been going after to subvert into a good DRONE for them.

      This is what I call it.

      The White Guilt Syndrome. These young women hate their own white skin. Why do you think you have movies, TV shows and even commercials showing white females with black males as partners ? Why do you think that white females under the age of 40 voted for Barry Soetoro in HUGE numbers ? I’ll be flamed as RACIST. But I call them as I see them.

      You can’t go to any high school or college where the administration don’t push interracial dating. BUT ! You have a white guy try to date a black girl ? OH MY FRIENDS the HOWLS you’ll get from the black guys and the HELL that black girl will go through. I’ve seen it. A black girl was going with one of my buddies in the Corp. She was with our Personal Office on base. The black guys WENT NUTS ! Calling her everything under the sun. You name it she was called it.

      And sadly Command DID NOTHING !!!! So even in the Corp it was bad because of affirmative action.

      The country has come to a tipping point. A large part is tired of the PC culture. Where you can’t say the truth. We’re seeing it now all across the nation with the libernazi left going CRAZY !

      Get ready people as I said years ago. The Roller Coaster ride has JUST BEGUN !

  • BonLovesFreedom

    Why is she in the United States if she hates America so much…leave!…now! Get out! We don’t need your kind here…we have enough willfully ignorant and useful idiots. Sick of these haters yammering and screeching … they don’t have a clue what it’s like to live in Bosnia or Turkey or Cuba. Byeeeee nitwit!

    • Ramon Perez

      thru all the culo-aide she just might wind up with ruptured tonsils.

  • Joe

    I think she is demon possessed

  • Deb Jurek

    she looks possessed.

  • Dennis B Anderson

    This has gone past insane why arent these people in jail. Just the short time Trump has been in office you worthless libs are saying dont do as we do, Do as we say?
    polyester pupeteers.

  • markie R

    wow- hope she has a tremendous head ache!


    Her mama and dada are SOOOOO proud of her, no REALLY!!!!


    I doubt it has a real job, but if it does, I hope its employer sees this video and fires its dumb @$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Babsan

    The SNOWFLAKES are mentally destroyed by the Communist professors and or Communist teachers in the school system that the Democrats own

  • Hammer

    Like a mis-having two year old, someone should have spanked the you know what out of her.

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