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Conservatives slam GOP leadership’s Obamacare bill

Image Credit: Charles Fettinger CC BY 2.0

Image Credit: Charles Fettinger CC BY 2.0

GOP leadership released an Obamacare replacement plan on Monday, but conservative members of Congress aren’t on board.

The Republican Study Committee sent out a memo in response to the bill Monday night, slamming it for not repealing enough of the healthcare law:

The RSC memo lists a litany of “concerns” with the legislation, calling its tax credits a “Republican welfare entitlement.” Concerns include the bill’s maintenance of Medicaid expansion for three years and its reliance on government spending through tax credits to ensure poor Americans get coverage.

The memo raises doubts that Congress would be able to pay for the tax credits without deficit spending or raising taxes and predicts that Medicaid expansion would likely never be repealed due to political reasons.

The Freedom Caucus and its allies were even more critical of the bill:

Rep. Justin Amash, a Michigan Republican known as one of the Freedom Caucus’s more rowdy members, tweeted that it was “Obamacare 2.0.” Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, who has his own replacement plan, dubbed the measure “Obamacare lite.” Paul and Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows had published an op-ed earlier in the day calling for a quick vote on repealing the healthcare law, before starting the debate on how to replace it.

Meanwhile, Democrats are opposed to repealing any part of Obamacare at all.

House Speaker Paul Ryan wants to push the bill through. But with opposition coming from all sides it’s looking like a long wait before Americans get the Obamacare repeal they voted for.

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