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Mark Levin: Mainstream media reports prove Obama surveilled Trump campaign


Radio talk show host Mark Levin puts the public case together showing that the Obama Administration was spying on Donald Trump during the election campaign.

  • daves

    I don’t think Republicans understand the meaning of the word proof.

  • BonLovesFreedom

    Demonrats are so dumb they truly believe they can do anything and no one will discover it. Pathetically, they have gotten away with most of it…so far. There will come a day, however, when they will all have to atone for their nefarious deeds.

  • NowYouKnow

    And now we know the CIA could hack into whatever they wanted and make it look like the Russians were doing it. And the Leftists at CIA don’t need no stinkin’ FISA order.

  • JeF

    I think we now know what Drain The Swamp really means, and who that refers to now- All the career beaurocruds gummming up the system to cover their asses.
    I say Purge The Swamp; draining it takes too long.

  • al.k

    My whole thing is it’s all talk until they actually do something about it instead of all the media propaganda, we had 8yrs of talk about a birth certificate that a DNA test would of proved, they can’t prove Ann Durham was the mother of the illegal homosexual that turned us into a sodomite nation, all they do is talk, it’s all one big conspiracy against the people, both parties are all feeding out of the same slop trough, that’s why they put the fear out about trump, since he wasn’t part of the click. There is plenty of evidence that obama is an illegal Islamic terrorist, but no arrests, hillarys treason and no arrest, selling arms to the enemy using Benghazi as a cover just like the reagan/bush contra arms drug deal with Arkansas governor bill Clinton, remember Oklahoma, the bomb squad took out two more bombs and the next day it was a fertilizer truck, Ted Gunderson X FBI exposed there were 6 more bombs, they killed him too.

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