Liberals claim crosswalk signals promote rape

Photo: Twitter/@jodilee_7

Photo: Twitter/@jodilee_7

Liberal feminists see oppression everywhere they look, even when they’re crossing the street. So in effort to make female pedestrians feel more equal, Melbourne, Australia is changing the gender of its crosswalk signals to “reduce unconscious bias”:

Ten lights at the intersection of Swanston and Flinders streets in the centre of Melbourne will be fitted out with female figures as part of a 12-month trial spearheaded by the Committee of Melbourne.

The not-for-profit organisation comprising more than 120 community groups and businesses is striving for equal representation of men and women at all crossings across the state of Victoria with its Equal Crossing initiative.

Thankfully the switch is coming at no cost to taxpayers — it’s being paid for by a local electrical company as part of its sponsorship. Even so, the initiative is nothing more than social posturing. Even Melbourne Mayor Rob Doyle thinks so:

“I’m all for doing anything we can for gender equity, but really?” he was quoted as saying by the Herald Sun. “Unfortunately, I think this sort of costly exercise is more likely to bring derision.”

He’s right:

The best (and most ironic) thing about this whole stunt is that dresses are being added to the otherwise genderless icons in order to denote them as women. In 2015, liberal feminists in America actually took issue with the dress on women’s bathroom signs:



Clearly, there’s nothing that can be done to satisfy these people.

  • DonOldGuy

    Australia, I barely know ye. Say this isn’t so. You have some really good songs besides “Waltzin Matilda”.

    the sentiment here applies to Left Wing Loons, also

  • Reruho

    I read this article several times and even read it to my mother trying to find the connection to rape. I could not find it. I did not expect a conservative site to stoop to liberal tactics. I am disappointed.
    Perhaps a title like, “Liberals see sexism everywhere.” I am not sure.

    I think their whole rational is a costly experiment. I have never thought as the figure as male or female, it was a stick man representing a person. But, I don’t look for sexism or oppression everywhere.

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