Hillary Clinton

New Yorkers polled on Hillary Clinton run for Mayor

Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr (cc by-sa 2.0)

Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr (cc by-sa 2.0)

Rasmussen recently asked New Yorkers how they’d feel about Hillary Clinton running for mayor of New York City.

The results weren’t good:

Fifty-eight percent of likely voters in the city don’t want Clinton to run again, compared to just 23 percent of voters who wanted the former presidential candidate to run. Nineteen percent of voters hadn’t yet made up their mind.


Clinton has expressed interest in running for mayor, but only if current Mayor Bill de Blasio doesn’t run for reelection. Unfortunately for her, de Blasio is running for reelection. Unfortunately for de Blasio, his Republican challenger, Paul Massey Jr., has so far raised more money than him — $1.6 million to $1 million.

Could NYC elect another Republican? Never say never.

  • Everett Conrad

    Killary does not listen to anyone’s advice just her own. If she does decide to run for Mayor or even president again she thinks she can win based on her lies and half truths that she believes anyone will believe. She had a good teacher, Bill, but not good enough. Everyone is on to her and what a dishonest person she is which is obvious by her presidential run, lost big time. No coronation for Killary this time but you can bet she will be back in 2020 to try again and lose again…….big time or maybe even bigger.

  • RightVote

    Hillary dear, You DO Belong in Jail ! Period !


    I can’t believe that 23% STILL support her!!!!!!!!!!

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