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Tim Kaine’s son arrested for rioting in anti-Trump attack

Photo courtesy of the Ramsey County Sheriff's Office.

Photo courtesy of the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office.

Sen. Tim Kaine’s youngest son isn’t coping too well with his father’s Election Day loss. Last Saturday, Linwood Kaine was arrested on suspicion of second-degree riot following a pro-Trump rally in St. Paul, Minn.:

Police took Linwood Kaine, 24, into custody after he and a group disrupted a rally in support of President Trump at the Minnesota State Capitol. The group chanted and whistled during the pro-Trump event, setting off air horns and a smoke bomb at one point.

Kaine, or “Woody” as he is known by his peers, was released from Ramsey County jail on Tuesday morning. He was among five arrested on the riot charges. A sixth person was cited for disorderly conduct.

No one in the group was charged, though St. Paul City Attorney Samuel Clark told the Pioneer Press that they are considering filing misdemeanor charges against the five.

Kaine defended his son’s actions by saying that his three children “fully understand the responsibility to express [their political] concerns peacefully.”

On the contrary — evidence shows that Linwood doesn’t fully understand.

  • Party of Poverty

    I’m sure this story will be headlining on CNN MSDNC ABC CBS PBS reminding the world how tolerant the lefty libs are

    • daves

      Who knew, blowing horns is considered rioting.

      • Danny S.

        It’s a shame that a political party can’t exorcise there freedom of speech and to peace fully assemble without being attacked , threatened and insulted. No excuse for anyone to behave like criminals.

      • keepthe2nd

        only when you explode an incindinary device that can cause a fire or other harm before,during or after blowing the horn.Moron.

        • daves

          I didn’t realize that smoke bombs are incendiary either.

          • MoonBeamWatcher

            said the child of SECOND COUSINS.

      • MoonBeamWatcher

        Put em’ together and whatya got = RIOTING
        and disruption of a PEACEFUL GATHERING.

  • Kathy Plant

    Smoke bombs sounds like rioting to me.

  • keepthe2nd

    Why aren’t his sons political beliefs such that the other side have the right to hold a rally without incident? Oh wait a minute, I’m sure his dad raised him to be a hypocrite.

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