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Smug liberal host forced to apologize after attacking cancer victim


The undercut is a hairstyle that first gained popularity among working class men in the 1920s and has since made a major comeback thanks to celebrities like soccer star David Beckham.

Unfortunately, a version of the undercut was also popular in Nazi Germany. It’s for this reason that notorious white supremacist Richard Spencer sports an undercut — which he calls a “fashy,” short for “fascist” — and the liberal media has taken the association and ran with it. Now, any white man with hair cut short on the sides and long on the top is at risk of being labeled a Neo-Nazi.

Even if that man has stage 4 brain cancer:

Comedian Samantha Bee’s show Full Frontal apologized Thursday after a joke comparing attendees at the Conservative Political Action Conference to Nazis backfired, although it wasn’t for the joke being unfunny or unoriginal.

In a segment in which one of Full Frontal’s “correspondents” went to CPAC, the show showed a string of men at the conference with their heads cut short or shaved on the sides; the narrator joked they had “Nazi hair.”

One of the people lampooned, however, was a man named Kyle Coddington, and his sister tweeted at Bee that his head was shaved because he is going through brain cancer treatments.

If liberals are so afraid of Nazis, why do they seem to have so much fun imagining they’re surrounded by them?

According to the show’s official Twitter account, they’ve removed Coddington from the video. But maybe they should just stop joking about Nazis altogether.

  • pappy450

    I guess you have to “expect” this sort of behavior, because after the devastating LOSS to PRESIDENT TRUMP “name calling” is ALL the “liberal progressives” have left.

  • NowYouKnow

    The only examples of Nazism that I have seen lately was in the street outside the Martin Luther KIng student union at Berkley University and any other anti Trump rally.

  • Texas Belle

    Liberals think their references to Nazis registers with people who are not quite as educated in politics as they are, and will assume that Trump and his Administration are Hitler, incarnate. Then they pay those people to riot and attack others with whom they disagree. Who are the NAZIS here?

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