Violent Leftists are the Theme in this Week’s CRN News Quiz


You can’t swing a cat these days without hitting an unhinged, left wing protester demanding peace and understanding. And if they don’t get it now, they will beat the tar out of you.

Well, put your helmet’s on and take your shot at our brain-busting questions all drawn from the conservative news we’ve been providing and if you get an “A” and we’ll give you a shout out in next week’s quiz!

Image credit: kev_hickey_uk under CC 4.0

Image credit: kev_hickey_uk CC by 4.0

The following supersmart CRN readers aced our quiz last week.  We send a big Congratulations to this select group of patriots:

Wallace Merrow
James Balasa
Ronald Reagan

CRN News Quiz Mar 6-Mar 10 2017

  • MarcJ

    Why cannot the Republicans just annul that beast of Obamacare – and if necessary introduce peacemeal legislations to cover any good parts of it?

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