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Rand Paul shows how Trump wiretaps expose loophole in government spying laws


Sen. Rand Paul is no fan of government surveillance, but he doesn’t think that President Donald Trump was targeted by an Obama administration wiretap.

At least, he doesn’t think Trump was directly targeted. As Paul explained on CBS’ “Face the Nation” Sunday, Trump could have been indirectly spied on thanks to a convenient surveillance loophole:

Wiretaps authorized under foreign intelligence laws targeted at foreigners, Paul noted, often capture them communicating with U.S. citizens — what he referred to as a “backdoor search of Americans.” When that happens, the Americans’ communications are meant to be masked, but even low-level intelligence employees can unmask them, Paul said.

“That’s probably what happened to [Mike] Flynn,” Paul said, qualifying his remarks by saying that he has no inside knowledge of what happened. “They’re not targeting Americans, they’re targeting foreigners. But they’re doing it purposefully to get to Americans.”

Watch the video below:

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