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Trump administration refuses to turn over Hillary emails

Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr (cc by-sa 2.0)

Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr (cc by-sa 2.0)

Despite promises to voters that he would investigate Hillary Clinton’s criminal email scandal, the Trump administration this week continued an old Obama policy — refusing in court to turn over Clinton emails:

At a hearing in Washington on Monday at the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, the State Department said it will continue to seek a dismissal of Judicial Watch’s case attempting to force them to locate Clinton’s emails.

Judicial Watch, along with public interest law firm Cause of Action, have been fighting for the State Department to retrieve the emails for more than a year. Unfortunately, Trump hasn’t brought the transparency they were hoping for:

“What’s surprising is the Trump Administration is continuing the Obama Administration’s legal strategy to obstruct and defend Hillary Clinton’s email practices,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said after the hearing. “This is an example, in my view, of the ‘deep state’ still running things, in many respects.” The “deep state” can be most broadly defined as the unelected federal bureaucracy.

Clearly, Obama’s “shadow government” is still in control.

  • daves

    Maybe they are afraid they will have to release all the emails for Vice President Pence when he used a private server as Governor.

  • pappy450

    I believe this is just a “ploy” to keep everything under wraps until all the “ducks” are in a row. Why give up your strategy until you lower the boom and catch the whole cabal off guard. THAT is the practice the last fool in office did to protect his “MUSLIME BROTHERS”

  • yellowjacket2

    Let me remind you of the old fable about the woman who rescued a venomous serpent from drowning. Only to have the serpent bite her. And as she died the serpent reminder her that she knew he was a venomous snake and snakes bite. It’s what they do. If you don’t prosecute Hillary she will come back too bite you. It’s what snakes do.

  • Free America

    No repeal of Obamacare, protecting Hillary, seems the establishment got a hold on Trump already. They are still in control.So much for draining the swamp.

  • Robert Trebes

    I was hoping that Trump would, as he put it, “Drain the Swamp”…Looks like he will not drain the swamp but fill it up to an overflow capacity!…He started out honoring his campaign promises, I guess the ‘Cabal’ made him an offer that he could NOT refuse!

  • Robert Trebes

    have written blogs for years…It makes no difference if you are a
    Democrat of Republican, both ‘Parties’ fight for control of the
    Washington Beltway, but neither party is willing to enact the ‘Will of
    the People’! They will continue to do the will of the Special Interest’s
    and rebuke the ‘Will of the People’! The Republican’s promised if you
    put us back in control, we will Repeal & Replace Obama Care…They
    are now in control of both houses and the White House…Both ‘Houses’
    are laughing at the ‘Voter’ for falling for their ‘Lip Service’ AGAIN,
    they will NOT Repeal & Replace Obama Care, this is just the same old
    ‘Pork’ with a new overcoat that will still have total control over your
    life! SSDD!…PS. Both ‘Parties’ believe that ‘We the People’ are
    ‘Dumbed Down’ so we are unable to realize we are about to be sold down
    the river again! Guess what RINO’S, ‘We the People’ will show you how
    smart we are when we VOTE all of you RINO’S out in 2018!

    • Robert

      Robert Trebes
      You say that neither party wants to do the will of the people, I think you are totally wrong. That is exactly why the Congress is having such a had time with Obama Care. The Majority of the people want Obama Care to stay and just get fixed to some degree, and Congress knows this they also know when you piss off the Majority of the Population you stand a good chance of not being reelected, and stopping any other Republican from being elected in the nest 3 elections.
      I am a Republican but I am also smart enough to know that no elected official can go against the majority of the voters that would be against the Constitution.
      You should remember the Republican party is only 43% of the registered voters, and when 65% of the population says they want something that means a lot of registered Republican voters are in that 65%.
      When Politicians are running for office they tell you what you want to hear to get you to vote for them, very few ever check the actual background of the candidate they just go by what the party puts oout about that person. How re you going to vote all the RINOs out when the hard core Conservatives are only less than 33% of the party, there are also the Christian part who could care less about politics unless it is about religion and then there are the ones who like me deal in facts not dreams and most of them know how the votes in Congress will go according to what the mass of people want. If you knew or would have done your research you would have known Trump was in it for the money, that means promoting his businesses, getting taxes on the wealthy lower, and some other menial things nothing about the working class he has never cared about them it is all about wealth with Trump and opulence that is why he does not want to stay in the White House because it is not Gracious enough for him.
      WAKE UP AND SMELL THE ROSES. Most this site will serve you is BU*L S**T

      • Robert Trebes

        I am not sure where you get the information that the majority of the American people want Obama Care to stay, I have not seen that poll yet and I have viewed many…If you truly believe that, OK! I believe Paul Ryan will find out the ‘Hard’ way that ‘True’ Republican’s are not going to let him ram rod Obama Care 2.0 down our throat again…We will see in 2018 who is right. Have a nice day!

        • Robert

          Robert Trebes
          It is not a matter of believing it is a matter of the polls, I do not have access tot he latest poll That information came to me through my Congress person.the latest one posted is at this link, and this is one of polls of information the Congress uses.

          I know a lot of republican voters who support either Obama Care or something very similar. Ir you check the voter facts you will find that the low income and elderly did not vote in numbers in 2016 they usually do and those up for election know this that they will be back as they always do.
          We as the Republican party are in a minority of registered voters and if anything turns against us we have lost.
          I am a retired Bird Col who worked intelligence most of my 26 years so I del with facts not emotions or hopeful expectations.
          Most I talk to at the Legion and in senior centers and at the club think Trump has already made it hard for us in 2018,
          most agree that it was the hate for Clinton that won the election for Trump not the platform Trump put forward, I have not formed an opinion yet but a lot of Republicans do not like Trump for lots of different reasons.
          HAVE A GOOD DAY

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