MSNBC releases Trumps taxes on air and ends up looking stupid

Source: Screen capture

Source: Screen capture

Last night Rachel Maddow illegally released Trumps tax return from 2005 on her show. After a half a day worth of buildup, she arrogantly and excitedly revealed that Trump paid his taxes! Yes, that’s what she revealed. He pays his taxes just like the rest of us. In fact he paid close to forty million dollars in taxes.

After the show aired, the White House blasted MSNBC. The statement reads as follows: “You know you are desperate for ratings when you are willing to violate the law to push a story about two pages of tax returns from over a decade ago,” the statement said. “Before being elected president, Mr. Trump was one of the most successful businessmen in the world with a responsibility to his company, his family and his employees to pay no more tax than legally required.”

After revealing that he paid his taxes, they started fishing for negatives. Her guest who allegedly had the taxes left in his mailbox made the claim that Trump most likely leaked the taxes himself. Later Maddow who was clearly disappointed with the results again went after Trump for not releasing his taxes. Trump has made it clear that he has been advised not to because there is an audit being done on them.

To make things even funnier, people started investigating Democrats tax returns. They looked into those Democrats who have constantly attacked him for not releasing his taxes. Let me break this down.

In 2005 President Trump paid $5,310,616 in regular tax, $31,261,179 in Alternative Minimum tax and $1,887,596 in self employment tax. That’s $38,593,910 total putting him at a tax rate of 25.3%.

People in the national average with similar income pay about 22.5% in tax, putting Trump a few points above average. In 2015 Obama paid 18.7% in tax, Bernie Sanders paid 13.5%. Those figures have been Tweeted, Facebooked and broadcast since Maddow’s broadcast. I wanted to take it a little bit further and look up some other folks on the left side who have attacked the president for not releasing and here is what I found.

  • The Biden’s paid about 23.3% in 2015
  • Elizabeth Warren paid 5.22% in 2008, 5.24% in 2009, 5.22% in 2010 and 5.17% in 2011
  • Tim Kaine paid 20% in 2015
  • Bill and Hillary jointly paid 30.6% in 2015. They both have separate business ventures so let’s break that down. Split that in half and that is 15.3% per Clinton.
  • I can’t give you Nancy Pelosi’s tax rate because she REFUSES to release it. She said she will release them “if she runs for president”. Let’s hope that never happens.

At the end of the day, Trump paid more in taxes in 2005 than any of his Liberal critics have. I would like to believe that we have now ended another chapter in fake Liberal outrage, odds are we haven’t. They have attacked him from everything from how he eats his steak to how his staff members sit on couches. Strap in kids, it is going to be a long, wonderful and hilarious eight years.


By Joe Alexander. Joe lives in a log home up a two track in the woods in Michigan. He likes to speak for the average American, like his namesake.

  • Robert

    he Attorney general office said publishing the tax forms was not illegal, obtaining them was.
    I do suppose you noticed Trump made $120 Million and paid less % in taxes than most middle class workers making $90,000, I guess that is fair the people make the most pay the least.
    I made far less than trump and was in the 35% bracket. the same year.

    • You, are an idiot!

      • Robert

        Jeffrey Cahoon
        That I might be but I am a very well educated idiot, Graduated Yale in the 50s and went a lot of other College courses while spending 26 Years in the Government service and retiring as Bird Col on the General select list.Then run a business I had invested in 6 years before my retirement for another 20 years that we started with $10,000 each and a $40,000 debt and sold for $345 million. So i am not some exactly dumb ass I do study and read a lot and not the Conservative lies even though I am a Republican, the BS that is spread here is just that BS with no facts in evidence.

        • Peter Bookman

          I can, and have, read rants like that from people with a lot less education than you profess to have. A highly polished educational resume is no guarantee that you are free from misconceptions, misstatements, and factual inaccuracies. With all respect to your educational and career achievements, you do not understand tax brackets and you do not understand what is meant when it is said that Trump paid such and such effective tax rate.

          • Robert

            Peter Brookman
            You are right I have very little knowledge of the tax brackets. What I do know that someone, Trump or anyone else, who makes millions and then tries to not pay a fair tax is about as unamerican as it gets. Those taxes are supposed to be so the lower class does not have to pay as much to support this country.
            HAVE A GOOD DAY

          • Peter Bookman

            If you don’t know about tax brackets, then you shouldn’t pontificate about them. I wondered when, it being clear that you have no facts to support your attack on Trump, you would raise the “fair share” bromide which, because it is utterly subjective, is immune from rational discussion.

            You can attack any tax regime on the grounds that it is in your opinion not sufficiently fair. Were you interested in an objective discussion, you would acknowledge the clear facts which demonstrate the progressive nature of the income tax, some of which I have recited here and others which are available on a simple Internet search showing which quartiles pay the most overall tax revenue.

          • ARJAY

            Robrert doesn’t understand how the progressive tax code is actually UNFAIR!!

            My thinking is that the tax rate should be the SAME for EVERYONE!
            (like a 5% to 10% range with ABSOLUTELY NO DEDUCTIONS FOR ANYTHING!) The ONLY exception I would agree to would be any WAGE earner or (retired collecting SS) at or under the poverty amount has that amount under the poverty level exempt from taxes.

          • Peter Bookman

            You’re absolutely right. A flat tax is the only fair income tax. An even fairer tax would be a consumption tax.

          • ARJAY

            Just because YOU don’t take all the breaks that the TAX CODE gives to EVERYBODY in corresponding tax brackets, don’t denigrate those who DO take the breaks the IRS LEGALLY allows!!

            HAVE A GOOD DAY, Robert

          • Peter Bookman

            Oh, give it a rest, will you? Trump didn’t “try” to do anything; he simply paid the amount of tax he owed.

            “Those taxes are supposed to be so the lower class does not have to pay as much to support this country.” And who says that isn’t the case? I could easily refer you to the numbers showing which quintiles and quartiles pay which portion of the overall tax revenues collected, but you’re clearly not interested in facts. The richest 20 percent pay 86 percent of the individual tax revenue. The lowest 40 percent actually have no federal income tax liability at all, That is 77 million households with no income tax liability whatsoever. Oh, what’s the use?

          • Robert

            Peter Bookman
            It is called Corporate welfare and everyone knows it, and those that do know it know it is totally wrong.
            I do suppose none of these would be an eye opener, because you probably do not want to know
            HAVE A GOOD DAY.

          • Peter Bookman

            I don’t know what the antecedent of the indefinite pronoun “it” is supposed to be. I’ve seen this sort of intellectual laziness before. What do your cites prove? That executive compensation is excessive? What has that got to do with whether Trump paid the amount of tax due on the amount he earned? I guess you’d feel better if the Trump organization paid him $1 and he reported no tax liability. Sheesh, your posts get more and more surreal.

            Believe me, at this point it’s not a matter of my not wanting to know something you wish to convey; it’s that nothing you wish to convey is of any conceivable use to me.

          • Robert

            Pete Bookman
            Anyone who believes that the tax breaks given to the wealthy and Corporations are fair to the country’s working class is the part that is SURREAL.
            HAVE A GOOD DAY

          • Peter Bookman

            I guess you missed the part where I pointed out that half of the people don’t even pay any income tax. You want to play this game? Fine. I can out do you anytime. The entire income tax is grossly unfair and should be replaced with a consumption tax. So there. And don’t wish me a good day. I’m not interested in your insincere fake courtesy.

          • Robert

            Peter Brockman
            I can see you have never been on the other side of the pile, I grew up on a poor dirt farm hardly had money to buy anything necessary, wore home made clothes to school, but achieved and went on not everyone could do the things I did, I achieved because I remember everything i read in detail, Graduated top on the class at Yale where those that came from money went there to play and no one was going to fail them. How did I go to Yale if I was so Poor well I had a benefactor who I still do not know who it was, I still had to work while in College for other things only my college expenses were paid. Now I am among the rich I am in the top 10% of the wealthy they tell me and i still believe that the rich should pay far more taxes.
            You speak of a consumption tax again the people who would pay the most are the lower income because they buy the most and spend over all the most.
            I do suppose you speak of those that pay east to their workers so they have a higher bottom line. that is not what spurs the economy that is what makes more needy people
            The Republicans speak of removing credits and deductions , they sure do but only for the working class that is why Trump wants to give him self a large pay raise ith the tax cut for the wealthy.
            HAVE A GOOD DAY

          • Peter Bookman

            I think you’re pulling everyone’s chain here with your posts. I don’t believe one word of what you’re saying, whether it’s own personal history or your supposed factual claims, Game’s up, Bobby. Have a nice rest of your life.

          • Peter Bookman

            “You speak of a consumption tax again the people who would pay the most are the lower income because they buy the most and spend over all the most. ”

            False. No poor person is going spend more than a rich person, and to suggest otherwise is stupid.

            “I do suppose you speak of those that pay east to their workers so they have a higher bottom line. that is not what spurs the economy that is what makes more needy people”

            False. What “makes more needy people” is lack of jobs.

            “The Republicans speak of removing credits and deductions , they sure do but only for the working class that is why Trump wants to give him self a large pay raise ith the tax cut for the wealthy.”

            False. The Trump tax plan would sharpen the curve of the Personal Exemption Phaseout and the Pease Limitation on itemized deductions. The Trump plan also phases out the tax exemption on life insurance interest for high-income earners, ends the current tax treatment of carried interest for speculative partnerships that do not grow businesses or create jobs and are not risking their own capital, and reduces or eliminates other loopholes for the very rich and special interests.

            “Graduated top on the class at Yale where those that came from money went there to play and no one was going to fail them.”

            I’m sure the administrators of Yale appreciate that snotty remark. You certainly don’t sound like someone who graduated from Yale at the top of his class. You sound like someone who’s carrying around a lot of resentment. I wish you a really really really scintillating day. You sound like you need one.

          • Robert

            Peter Bookman
            You must be really brain dead. No one said that the any one person would spend more than any one rich person. a little lass than 5% are millionaires and only 10% make over $500,000 yearly.
            Now compare that 10% against the other 90% who are buying and see who buys the most. So those buying the most would be paying the most in Taxes.
            There was a time when the rich invested their money in America when it was still growing. Once growth stopped then the money was invested where it could make the most money, and in most cases that is not here. Cheap labor the same thing we had in America for a long time because of the immigration has long gone and so has the industry which was made great by that cheap labor.
            The tax breaks hat trump wants for him self will not help this country only make the divide between the have and have not’s greater. The rich will still look for tax havens because money means power to them.
            If you access and look at the Yale paper from 1956 you will see my exact remarks in the paper, also the Dean at the time agreed with me completely if not on record. His exact words on one occasion of the debate club were “those family donate huge amounts of money and I am directed to pass them with high grades, it is out of my hands unless they do something illegal.”
            The only resentment is when people do not bother to educate them selves, or do any deep thought on a specific subject just take the word of a certain person or organization.
            HAVE A GOOD DAY

          • Peter Bookman

            I see. Now you’re reduced to personal insults. I won’t indulge you, although I could. I’ve already ridiculed your Charles Dickens life story.

            “No one said that the any one person would spend more than any one rich
            person. a little lass than 5% are millionaires and only 10% make over
            $500,000 yearly.”

            You did. You said poor people spend more than rich people. Trump has announced his tax plan, and you’re wrong. Period. End of discussion.

            “or do any deep thought on a specific subject just take the word of a certain person or organization.”

            Do you even hear yourself? I know I am pissing you off. Too bad.

      • Charlie

        Jeffrey – If you are talking about Robert, then you are correct.

    • sk_in_co

      I supposed you noticed all the liberals attacking him paid less taxes than Trump? Why focus on just Trump?

      • Robert

        I am not talking about the amount Trump paid I am talking about the % he paid less than 25% and he said earlier he was in the highest tax bracket that is why he was working on a tax reduction for Upper income.
        I focus on just about anyone who does not pay a fair share, the wealthy can afford the taxes better than the $10 or $15 per hour worker barley making enough to live on.
        I paid over $1.5 million in taxes last year and do not think there was anything wrong with that because i can afford it.

        • sk_in_co

          Ok, fine…parse words to bury meaning. I supposed you noticed all the liberals attacking him paid *a smaller percentage* than Trump?
          As an aside, if you’d you also note the liberals’ lack of ‘fair share’ then it wouldn’t come off as focused on Trump, that is if you’re true to what you say.

    • vickievickievickie

      People – come on. Stop calling Liberals names. Instead, let’s always use these teachable moments to educate and enlighten.

      Robert – Let’s say you set up a lemonade stand. You will have costs – Lemons, sugar, water, paper cups, wood for the lemonade stand, signs, advertising, maybe a little friend to help you. All of those things cost money. For our purposes, let’s say the total cost came to $60. At the end of the day you earned $100 on your lemonade sales. Now – do you think it’s fair for you to pay taxes on $100 (the Gross Sales)? Or should you only be taxed on the net profits? (That is – Gross Sales minus Costs= net profits).

      No one would go into business (and hire you and all your friends) if they had to pay taxes on Gross Sales. All businesses have costs to set up and run, including costs for health insurance, sick pay, vacation pay, temporary disability, employees, payroll taxes, maintenance of buildings, building improvements, advertising, etc etc etc. So the Tax Code is set up to allow all of that to be written off. When you open a business, the first few years are going to cost far more than the succeeding years if you play it right.

      Furthermore, if your opening year costs far exceed your income, you are allowed to carry over that loss to the succeeding years up to a limited number of years. This is actually a tax provision put in place by the Clinton Administration (and has been used by both the Clintons and their Foundation every year since.)

      Here’s an article on that particular tax law

      We really can’t blame you if you didn’t know this. The Mainstream media refuses to print most of the stories like this. So, Robert, Kudos to you for reading something outside the mainstream media. Please take a deep breath and sit back for a moment. I’m not saying CRN is always 100% accurate, but you’re sure as hell going to find more accurate reporting here than on CNN, MSNBC, CBS and most of Facebook.

      So Robert, if you didn’t invest millions of dollars in new ventures, and didn’t employ thousands of people, and didn’t put millions into new construction, of COURSE you made less. But here’s the thing that confuses me. Trump is trying to bring down that tax rate for YOU, my friend. He is trying to bring more jobs into the country. He is working hard to undue the thousands of regulations and new taxes put in place by the poorly read, poorly understood and bloated Obamacare Bill. Yet you and your friends fight him at every step.

      How about giving the guy a fighting chance?

      Now – about that law about tax forms being released… here’s the law so you can read it yourself. You’ll notice it’s called 26 U.S. Code § 7431 – Civil damages for unauthorized inspection or disclosure of returns and return information

      Got that? Unauthorized INSPECTION OR DISCLOSURE.

      Sorry Robert. You are being lied to. In spades. Over and over and over. Being jealous that someone made $120 million without understanding the costs and benefits to others involved is just a waste of time. A lot of people were employed because of his earnings. Is THAT ok with you?

    • Peter Bookman

      You don’t know what you’re talking about. The 35 percent bracket doesn’t mean that you pay 35 percent of your income in taxes; it means that 35 percent is your marginal tax rate on that portion of your income which falls within that bracket. Your effective tax rate is a lot lower and includes all your deductions, exemptions, and credits. You’re making an apples and oranges comparison if you’re not doing the following computation: divide your gross income by the amount you actually paid in taxes and state the resulting percentage.

      The bottom 50 percent of taxpayers paid an effective tax rate of 3.3 percent. Those in the next quartile paid an effective rate of 7.2 percent. Somewhere in that range lies your archetypical middle class taxpayer.

      To be accurate, it was not a criminal offense for MSNBC either to acquire or to divulge the tax returns. The person who committed a criminal offense is the person who divulged them to MSNBC.

      • Robert

        Peter Brookman
        Warren Buffett stated that he made almost $2 billion in 2015 and his secretary who made a little over $200,000 paid more actual money in taxes than he did, because of all the loop holes for businesses.
        I do know what i am talking about when I know I paid over 30% on my income and 20% on my investments that is cut and dried no figuring of anything.
        I do not mind paying the money because it will only go to charity when I die so what is wrong with paying a high tax rate if you make a lot of money.

        • ARJAY

          If you remember Robrert, warren buffett ALSO stated HE SHOULD HAVE PAID MORE IN TAXES THAN HE DID!! Buffett took the SAME TAX BREAKS that President Trump took.

          Buffett ALSO COULD have sent a check for the added amount of taxes HE THINKS HE SHOULD HAVE PAID, BUT HE DIDN’T!!!!!!!!!

          But you are pi$$ed at Trump?!?!?!?!?!


        • Peter Bookman

          Warren Buffet’s income was investment income taxed at the favorable cap gains rate. It is not because of “loopholes for businesses,” and as another poster here said, it’s a little tiresome hearing you go on and on in tin foil hat conspiracy mode. Here’s an interesting tidbit for you: Teresa Heinz Kerry, wife of the former secretary of state, shelters half her income by investing in federally tax exempt municipal bonds. You could play around with the tax rates until the cows come on and you won’t get one more penny of income tax from someone in her position.

          “cut and dried no figuring of anything.” I have no idea what that means, but unless you do the arithmetical computation I stated, you are not accurately reflecting your income tax liability. “20% on my investments”: If you trying to say you paid 20 percent on your long term cap gains, I commend you for knowing the nominal rate on such investments but that still doesn’t tell us your effective tax rate, a concept which continues to elude you.

          “what is wrong with paying a high tax rate if you make a lot of money”: It’s not a matter of right or wrong; it’s a matter of paying what you owe. Make a voluntary additional tax payment to Treasury if you want. The law says you can do that too. It’s very simple. Send a separate payment to the Treasury via the Bureau of the Fiscal Service with the notation that it be used to “reduce the debt held by the public”. If Buffet thinks he isn’t paying enough in taxes, he can do the same thing.

          The purpose of the tax code is not to redistribute income in pursuit of some chimera of “fairness.” The purpose of the tax code is to maximize revenue to the government, and the trick is to know where revenue maxes out in relation to economic growth.

    • Charlie

      Robert, Are you trying to say that someone making $90,000 paid more than $55,000,000 in taxes? That is ludicrous. Trump paid his taxes. Many Democrats, like Al Sharpton (Obama’s buddy) did not. Trump also paid much more in taxes than the Obamas. And by the way, If the person making $90,000 was paying a mortgage and had medical expenses his tax bill was probably about $8,000. You can be in one tax bracket, but after deductions the effective rate is much lower. If it is not, then you need a new accountant.

      • Robert

        According to your numbers the person would be in the 60% tax bracket if they did not have deductions. I do not care who or what political party they are in the rich should not have loop holes to get out of paying taxes. I take no deductions other than my self and I figure I pay my fair share of taxes. My accountant thinks I am crazy because i do not take everything I could.
        Why I do not in fact need the money and I am not looking to be greedy.
        That is why when we ran the business no one had to pay into their medical, Retirement and got generous profit sharing every year.

    • ARJAY

      President Trump took ONLY LEGAL tax breaks PASSED BY CONGRESS!!

      If you have a problem with the tax code as presently written, contact your congress members to have the code changed!!

      If he took ILLEGAL tax breaks, THEN and ONLY then, do you have a LEGITIMATE COMPLAINT!!

      Then they can get Trump for fraudulent tax returns filed!

      HAVE A GOOD DAY, Robert!!

      • Peter Bookman

        He’s not interested in facts nor is he interested in making legitimate complaints. He’s only interested in arguing his incessant liberal talking points. I see this tactic all the time on political discussion forums.

        • ARJAY

          Did you notice the extra “r” I added to his name?

          • Peter Bookman

            Yes, I did. Wonder if he got the point. I can’t really believe that this guy actually graduated top of his class in Yale.

          • ARJAY

            Probably not, if he caught it at all. Doesn’t say much about a yale education if he DID graduate in the top of his class!!

  • Ed Panzella

    Liberal idiots prove once again that they are liberal idiots.

  • MSNBC does not need help!


    From information detailed in article: The Clintons paid 30.6% tax jointly – how is that 15.3% of each (When I file jointly with my wife and pay jointly, its the percentage of the whole taxable amount not 12.5% of mine and 12.5% of hers to equal 25% – its just 25% of all).

    • Spoko

      You need to read the article again. It states that Slick and the Hag have different business ventures.

      • ARJAY

        The different business ventures statement is IRRELEVANT!! It matters NOT where the incomes come from. You can split the income in many kinds of ways, but the PERCENT multiplier stays the same %!!

        $100.00 X 30% = $30.00!

        If you split the income EVENLY, see what your figures show.

        $50.00 x 15% = $7.50! (as per 15% stated in article, rounded for simplicity)

        $7.50 + $7.50 = $15.00! NOT $30.00. So in THIS case their % would NOT be 30% but 15% total.

        Obviously, Spoko, SANDHILLFARMER IS CORRECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        You must have forgotten the simple math you learned in Junior High School.

        If you don’t understand this, have a school math teacher explain it to you in more detail than I’m going to explain it here.

    • ARJAY

      You are 100% correct!! I caught that error, too.

  • Charlie

    Democrats hung on her every word to learn that Trump paid his taxes, Now maybe they can do a piece on Al Sharpton , who DID NOT pay his taxes. That would bring higher ratings than the news that Trump paid his taxes.


    I wish you had told their income too and not just the % tax paid.

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