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VA hospital rips down official portrait of Trump

Photo: White House

Photo: White House

Government-run VA hospitals are literally killing veterans, and they’re not about to let President Trump stop them. In fact, one Florida VA hospital has given the Commander-in-Chief a one finger salute by refusing to hang his portrait:

A Veterans Affairs hospital in West Palm beach has refused to put up pictures of President Donald Trump and Secretary David Schulkin, even though they were delivered by a congressman who lost both legs on a deployment to Afghanistan.

Republican Congressman Brian Mast showed up Tuesday with fellow veterans in tow at West Palm beach’s VA hospital. The group of constituents have been seething at the facility’s decision not to hang a portrait of the 45th commander in chief in its entrance.

Despite Mr. Mast’s personal intervention, the hospital took down the photographs shortly after he left.

You read that correctly. The hospital put up the portraits to appease Mast — who is a congressman, veteran, and double amputee — only to take them down as soon as he left.

A VA spokeswoman called Mast’s actions “inappropriate” and said that only portraits sent from the U.S. Government Publishing Office will be displayed. However, the VA issued a statement Thursday that facilities can print out high-resolution photos from the official White House and VA websites while they wait for official portraits to arrive.

In other words, there’s no reason at all that the portraits delivered by Mast shouldn’t have been displayed.

Is the VA more despicable than the IRS or EPA? It’s certainly giving them a run for their money.

  • 1ArcticWarrior

    Time to continue cleaning the house. Time to fire these “snowflake-officials”…
    They not only kill veterans, they also disrespect the American People by disrespecting our president.

  • bob breglio

    If I was President, I would take a strip off their backsides for insubordination and disrespect. Time to take out the trash from ALL VA hospitals.

  • Fred Barton

    The devotees of the Left do not lack in meanness. Hell hath no fury like a Leftest disappointed.

  • james jeffreys

    Someone should be fired !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MarcJ

    Two reasons for the dismal performance of the Veterans Administration:
    1) Its employees are unionized; Union Rule #1 = all deadlines are illegal.
    2) Supervising senator is that RINO McCain.

    • Ahmed F. Hosny

      McCain is a snake in the bosom of the Republic. (I’m a Canadian but I mbelieve he should be defanged and sent out to pasture, at least.)

  • redhorse1969

    take the VA scumbag and fire their dumb commie asses and all benifits

  • Ahmed F. Hosny

    Like others have said, and will say, “Fire the expletive. Treat exactly as they would have been treated had they removed the portraits of Obama.” Firings, Fines, whatever …..

  • Mike Goldman

    Thjey gotta remember, ALL political appointees in the Executive Branch of the US Government serve at the pleasure of the President of the United States! When the action of people like these at that VA Hospital, are as politically opposed to POTUS, they should be treated like the numerous US Attorneys that wre asked to submit their resignations. That action should have been tkaen to be effective as of the time of theInauguration of Donal J. Trump as Presindent of the US! Plain and simple! Now a word to President Trump: Sir, the time has come to use that term from your TV show on all remaining Obama appointees- – “You’re.Fired!”

  • mike

    I agree the piss ant officials need to be fired- as in firing squad. with crappy creatures like this in charge of VA facilities, no wonder the death rate is so high. They not care for those of us that have served. Caring being in their
    job description. They are Dead Beats, sucking up tax dollars and nor producing results. They PO me beyond red line overload.

  • Bud William

    I would find out who ordered the Photos taken down and they would be fired and escorted out of the Hospital.

  • ABBAsFernando

    VIle Liberal Scum Fascists infest upper management at most VA Hospitals. Actually they are communist / Fascist elitist scum. This contemptible waste of skin are the enemy of we the people loyal to the United States Constitution. Especially combat veterans. This scum are guilty of treason, sedition, DISINFORMATION SOVIET style,slaves of communist party USA as reported to congress in 1963

  • ABBAsFernando

    Vile Liberal Scum are the ENEMY within. Elitist fascists more like WWII NAZIS with superior attitudes ignorant arrogant, know it alls so damn stupid they are incapable of comprehending the truth! Stupid enough to believe they are elite.

    CONTEMPTIBLE waste of skin.

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