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As gun sales surge, gun accident deaths drop to record low


Liberals insist that more guns equal less safety, particularly in the home. But a new report from the National Safety Council has busted that myth.

With gun sales at record numbers, the National Safety Council’s “Injury Facts” report states that there were 489 accidental gun deaths in 2015. That’s the lowest since 1903, and a 17 percent one-year drop.

Watch below.

  • Just look at the rest of the world. The fewer guns a society has the more crime and accidents that happen. In a society were fire arms are better known and seen, the fewer mishaps because more people are familiar with them, the more people that know how to use guns safely, the less likely they are to miss use them. It’s simple math.

  • Kevin

    I guess there is only so much information you can put into a 45-second video, but firearms are never mentioned…

  • JeF

    So- if guns kill people, I guess pencils misspell words, spoons make people fat, and cars can read street signs.

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