Barack Obama, Donald Trump, The White House

Cartoon: O-wellian


It should be that hard to believe Obama was spying on Trump because he spied on everybody else. Check out this classic Branco Toon and share with your friends.


    obama’s administration performed the surveillance. Black boy was nothing more than a puppet! The real manipulators for the last 8 years and way more, were the clintons. barry’s hands are dirty as is many others with in his administration, but it was the clinton foundation, backed by soros and foreign nation money backing everything the clintons did. One look at the pay for play and you will put 2 and 2 together. obama knew about and approved. Just after the famous tarmac meeting, Trump and the Russians became the news. Can you figure out who devised and set into motion the surveillance and leaks! If we Americans really want to drain the swamp, arrest and indict any clinton! By the time they got done talking, the swamp would be drained and the sludge shoveled and hauled off! This is why all of this continues! DC fears the clintons knowledge of all involved in the rape and robbery of the American citizens for the last 70 years!


    It’s OK though that donnie boy is putting spies in his cabinet departments to keep track of loyalty. Having rats is a great morale booster

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