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VIDEO: These women are hunting and killing ISIS


This all-female unit of Kurdish fighters is exacting revenge on ISIS for the terrorist group’s brutal treatment of women.  See why ISIS fears these women even more than men.

  • kchamb

    Lets send them the best equipment money can buy and help them locate these ISIS POS. Also we need to develope a tool that they can use to emasculate ISIS soldiers in seconds. Every ISIS member should have his genitals removed at death so virgins will be useless to them.

    • David Lindahl

      The tool you want already exists. It is called a “bolt cutter.” It will definitely do the job!

      • Richard Sprowl

        There is also a nifty smaller size tool called cable cutter, really sharp for that stubborn pvc cable covering, should work well on ISIS and easy to carry. They’re affordable enough to give all the girls one 😀

  • Sharon Holmes

    Like that plan kchamba.

  • Jim Bush

    Good for them! Brave and fierce women protecting themselves from these despicable men who have no respect for people in general and less for women. Tina Bell Bush

    • ARJAY

      Those are not men!! They are males, but NOT REAL MEN!!!!!!!!!

  • marihia

    YOU GO GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    More power to these BRAVE women and may they have GREAT success!!

  • Ken-ida

    God Bless you ladies! Our family took on Rommels best and they give up after they eliminated 34 out of 37 tanks before they surrenderd and they were not scum like issus! Calgarry Horse Heavy tank and Artillary! In memory of my Dad Russel Hughes and my Uncle Manley Marten Infatry Saskatchewan Riffles!

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