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Video: Congressman schools MSNBC anchor on anti-Trump press


Rep. Dave Brat (R-Va.) has been a conservative superstar ever since he unseated former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in the 2014 midterm election. On Tuesday, he schooled MSNBC’s Katy Tur on the measurable existence of liberal media bias:

“Well, it’s hard on my side of the aisle. The press tends to be kind of like the faculty lounge where I taught for 20 years,” Brat joked, “I think 90 percent or so tend to be fairly Democratic. So, we always feel, you guys are kind of kind of coming after us.”

That didn’t sit well with Tur, who snapped that “Well, that’s an easy allegation to make. It’s not an easy allegation to prove.” “No, I think it is. You can look at the donation tracks. I’ve done that. I’m an economist. I don’t make-up facts,” Brat responded.

“Oh, really? Donation tracks,” she quipped, sounding unamused and dismissive that such data was even available. “The donations of the media overwhelmingly went to Hillary and the Hillary foundation. Just follow the trail,” Brat noted.

Watch Brat’s smackdown below.

  • 1ArcticWarrior

    I wouldn’t waste my time going to Liberal Media to try to reason with them…It is a lost cause.

  • mthammer

    Katy Tur is an incompetent , ignorant , democratic , radical liberal , uneducated , just reads what the Producers tell her to. She has never had a true opinion that would help the Citizens of this country. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to show you how illiterate that are , which was proven at the last election. They all swore up and down that Hillary was going to win , the polls showed it , all the top news media ABC, NBC, CBS ,,PLUS THEIR CABLE AFFILIATES , CNN, MSNBC , EVEN THE DUMB WRITERS AT THE NEW YORK TIMES AND THE WASHINGTON POST, THE DAILYNEWS AND THE LOSANGELES TIMES . EVERY SUNDAY MORNING PROGRAM , ESPECIALLY MEET THE PRESS THE MOST COMMUNIST NEWS MEDIA ON THE PLANET WITH THE MOST UNEDUCATED HEADING THE SHOW. THATS ALL THE PROOF YOU NEED AND THEY WERE ALL WRONG!!!!!!’!!’!!’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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