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Report: Paul Ryan got down on his knees to beg for health care votes


Photo: Office of the Speaker of the House

House Republicans deep-sixed the American Health Care Act on Friday, but not before Speaker Paul Ryan reportedly got down on his knees to beg for votes:

According to a detailed account in the Washington Post, the Wisconsin native “got down on a knee to plead with Rep. Don Young” on Thursday night, just hours before the House was supposed to vote on the bill, because he remained undecided.

“When the speaker finished with Young, he spent about 10 minutes in an animated discussion with Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.), one of the bill’s most outspoken critics,” the Post noted. “At one point, the speaker took his own arms and held them up, his hands at face level, then slowly lowered them to his waist — presumably trying to demonstrate his belief that the bill will lower costs.”

Rep. Joe Barton added that the effort involved a lot of “back-patting and butt-kicking.”

After the bill was yanked, Ryan told reporters, “I think our members know we did everything we could to get consensus.”

But evidently, not even literal begging and back-patting can make up for a bad bill.


    I don’t even want to think what he was doing on his knees, but it was his last hoorah for the democommie party. He put his career and reputation on the line. The whole push was a fairly well thought out plan to sink the Trump administration. Step one in Trump’s plan. Root out all Rinos! Step two I’m not sure, but willing to guess it will be to finally make the democommies OWN obamacare for the crap sandwich that it is! Step three will be interesting to say the least.

  • jerry1944

    Some one should have kicked him in the throat while he was down there But i dont think he was pleading with obambo when he was crawling on his knees for him Thank goodness for the freedom caucus that stoped that mess . Even if one of them did turn dem . Lets sure hope ryan and the boys has a heck of a lot better tax cut program than they did ryancare But it does show how many dems are up there that call them self rep

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