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Video: Former Obama official admits to encouraging Trump surveillance


A former Obama official has admitted outright that the Obama administration spied on Donald Trump before he moved into the Oval Office.

Evelyn Farkas, deputy assistant secretary of defense under Obama, proclaimed on MSNBC this week that she encouraged her former colleagues to gather as much intelligence as possible on the alleged Trump-Russia connection before Obama left office. As Farkas puts it, she “had a fear that somehow that information would disappear” once Obama left and Trump assumed the presidency.

Farkas said she was particularly concerned with disseminating the gathered intelligence to “the Hill people.”

Watch below.

  • twspears6007

    Time for the left to recognize that they are extremely disadvantaged when dealing with President Donald Trump. They believed that fake news is their path to win back the government and wrestle away the will and power of the people. There has been an onslaught of false information flooding the media since the November 8th 2016 elections it didn’t work in 2016 and Hillary Clinton backed by Obama was rejected by the vote of the people. The old story is if you don’t learn from your mistakes you are left in a state of denigrating and denying the truth. The left keeps taking the bait and are left with the agony of defeat. Any great team puts out its best players to win the game except not the Democrats they stick with the same bad players and expect to win. This Nation has rejected the worst government in this Nations history the Obama Administration yet the left keep sticking to the same losing game plan. The left has forgotten the principles of a winning team, seek the truth, seek the will of the people, seek honest players.
    Trenton Spears

    • Robert

      Trump was not elected by the People, most just would not vote for Clinton and even people who voted for Trump now say they regret it and it will never happen again. If you are suggesting Trump is your best player I think it is time for me to quit the republican Party.
      Gloat all you want but i do think you will have egg on your face next election, when the Democrats vote again, 2016 was the lowest Democrat turn out for a Presidential vote since 1924. Then Clinton got the most Popular votes, so just think when Democrats 65% of them vote versus 41% in 2016.
      The Constitution does say that Congress and the President are to do “THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE.” according to the Federalist Papers and the 1800s Supreme Court ruling that means what the Majority of the People want, and I do not believe either party does that.

  • howie1347

    When will she be charged with this crime? Why are only Republicans charged with crimes? Trump needs to order the DOJ to get busy indicting these people from Obama on down, including the Clinton Crime Family and their henchmen & women.

    • Robert

      You have to have a crime before someone is charged. It is the law of this USA that anyone running for high office has to be fully investigated by the Intelligence agencies, and that is exactly what they were doing. If nothing was found the investigation would have ended before election day, but something was found and any one in police detective work or the intelligence knows that, and the investigation goes on.
      Education on how the Government would be of use to you.
      Probably not since from the way you say things I would suspect you are not American or even in America.

    • daves

      You think she broke the law?

      This headline really twists what happened. The intelligence agencies had evidence of Russian meddling in our election. Ms. Farkas didn’t want that evidence destroyed by the Trump administration so she had them put it all together and give it to Democrats in the house so it could be preserved.

  • Kevin

    So, Donald Trump was RIGHT AGAIN – oh, I’m SO shocked!

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